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Hasbro unveils Fallen Order Star Wars Jedi: Cal Kestis greats action figure

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderCal Kestis’s can only rank 42/57 (so far) in our list of Great rankings of scientific characters, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t make a nice action figure. Hasbro has clearly agreed since unveiling the Gaming Greats Cal Kestis Black Series action figure. If you are a fan of Fallen Order, or just want a weird and singular tribute expressing your combined Star Wars loves, Shameless, Gotham, and whatever else Cal’s famous actor appears in, this character might be right for you.

Cal is 6 inches tall and features multiple points of articulation to set up hot Jedi action poses. He’s accessorized with two lightsabers, both of the single and double bladed variety, a droid’s turn or die, BD-1, and one of those adorable boglings. Cal also comes with the Jedi Holocron and a removable hood for those times when he needs to be more low-key or mysterious.

Just like the Gaming Greats Jango Fett Figure, Cal Kestis is a GameStop exclusive. You can Pre-order him now for $ 29.99. The figure is expected to be available on June 1.

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