Saturday, April 20, 2024

Hatch adds $ 39 Rest Mini sound machine to its lineup

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Last year at CES, the hatch announced the Restore, a smart sleep lamp for adults that replicates the design and popular features of its baby range, the Rest and rest +. This year, they announced another smart sound machine, the Rest Mini. The Mini, which looks a bit like someone cut at the bottom of a Rest +, takes on many of the same features as its siblings. Subtle and white, it’s chunkier than the Rest but also has a speakerphone on top with physical buttons for play, stop, skip and adjust volume.

Like other Rest devices, the Mini can play a combination of white noise melodies ranging from rain and wind to a blow dryer or regular heartbeat (the latter is new to the Mini). However, it only provides sound, so if you want a night light you’re better off with one of the other Hatch devices. It’s now the cheapest device in the Hatch line, at $ 40, making it a good option for those on tight budgets. And you can still control it from your phone and schedule a personalized timer.


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