Monday, June 5, 2023

HBO Max hits 12.6 million activations ahead of ‘Wonder Woman’ release

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As HBO Max prepares for the Christmas start from Wonder Woman 1984 and his controversial projects for 2021, AT&T CEO John Stankey revealed that the service is experiencing “improved traction”, going from 8.6 million activations at the end of September to 12.6 million. Those numbers include cable subscribers activating extended service on their accounts, which many of them have yet to do, as well as AT&T wireless customers using the app, so it’s unclear exactly how. this compares with competitors like Netflix or Disney +.

The executive tell investors during a conference Tuesday that claimed to use its service to stream Warner Bros. movies. at the same time they hit theaters is a “win-win,” which isn’t how director Christopher Nolan would describe it at all. After calling HBO Max “the worst streaming service”, Nolan told the Associated press that “it’s not a good business decision … it’s a bit of a mess.”


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