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‘He Was Crazy’ – The Rock’s reaction to the referee’s end of WWE-winning match finally revealed



The last episode of “The Kurt Angle Show” was dedicated to “No Way Out 2001”. In case you don’t remember, the Olympic gold medalist dropped the WWE Championship at The rock in the main event of the PPV.

Kurt angle and The Rock put on a great match to close the show, but the end of the match almost threatened to spoil the overall quality of the contest.

The original finish was for Kurt Angle to be pinned down after the second Rock Bottom. Angle did his job of not sending off, but referee Earl Hebner mistakenly assumed it was the first Rock background of the match and beat the score.

Strangest thing about it all was Kurt Angle’s lack of effort to raise his legs or shoulders. The replays showed that Angle hadn’t fought out of the fall, and Hebner had beaten his count at random. While the commentators did their job to sell the Angle story, something was clearly wrong.

The Rock would go on to perform another Rock Bottom to win the match and the WWE Title. Angle opened up about the sloppy finish on the last episode of his podcast on AdFreeShows.

Kurt Angle explained that he hit for a Rock Bottom earlier in the game which Earl Hebner sadly forgot about. Hebner judged the second Rock Bottom to be the first, and he was visibly hesitant to complete the count.

“Well, you know, I remember very well Earl probably thought it was the first Rock Bottom. I think we had a Rock Bottom earlier in the game, and Earl forgot. So the finish was supposed to be the second Rock Bottom, and Earl thought the second was the first. That’s why he hesitated on the count. “

We all make mistakes: Kurt Angle on The Rock’s reaction to batting

Angle noted that The Rock was livid about the misstep, and The Great One even shouted at Earl Hebner to do the count after delivering the third Rock Bottom of the match.

The Rock would eventually calm down after the game, and Hebner was spared behind the scenes.

“Dwayne, The Rock was pissed off. He came to get me, Rock kicked me in and told Earl it, looked him in the eye and said, ‘Count the end!’ (laughs). He is angry! Earl’s going to have it when we get back to Gorilla. But Dwayne, he was angry at the time, and when he got backstage, he calmed down. He didn’t scream or anything. We all make mistakes. “

As mistakes do occur in wrestling, Kurt Angle praised The Rock for showing the presence of mind needed to take the initiative after the yawn. Rock wasted no time delivering another Rock Bottom to end the match, and that, according to Angle, was an example of Rock’s experience as a performer.

“Things like this happen. You just go ahead and keep the game going, and that’s what Rock did; he took the initiative to Rock Bottom me again and, you know, take the win. . So, you know, he’s an experienced wrestler. “

Kurt Angle too revealed why The Rock exaggerates their matches on the last episode of “The Kurt Angle Show”.

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