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Here are the best wearable electronic gifts this holiday season

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As technology advances and time passes, wearable electronics have moved from fringe (and notable) devices to more common staples of everyday life. From wrist organizers and feature phones to handheld video game consoles and headphones, electronics are everywhere, and for good reason. These devices make our lives easier, allow us to do things we could never do before, or just make it easier for us in more places. And some of them are just plain fun, helping us relax when we stand in line, ride in the car, or travel to faraway lands. Whether you’re trying to inject a little more fun into the life of someone you love (or your own life), or want to offer something useful that will make things a bit easier, we’ve put together a list of portable electronics that you can stay with you, whether you’re going out for a few minutes or embarking on a long trip.

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Best utility gifts

Portable electronic gifts that help you live your life.

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Best Toy Gifts

Pick up some electronic toys to make the trip more fun.

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Best Video Game Gifts

Take a new game (or a new console) to go, so you never get bored, even on long trips.

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Best gifts for readers and tablets

Take your reading (and more) on the go with a focused or versatile portable tablet.

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Best Phone Gifts

Get yourself one of the most versatile portable electronics of the modern age with these phones.

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Headphones Gifts

Listen to what you want, when you want, where you want.

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The best gifts for 2020

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