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Here’s how COVID-19 affected summer tourism

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For many of the world’s most popular destinations, summer is the peak tourism season and travelers are most likely to spend both vacation days and income saved on their getaways. With fears over the spread of COVID-19 and strict travel restrictions imposed by countries to help reduce new infections, many travel plans have since been postponed or canceled entirely.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the Coronavirus pandemic at dramatically disturbed the global tourism sector with an estimated loss of $ 1.2 trillion, or 1.5% of global GDP. With flight down more than 70% from 2019 and many potential travelers are opting instead for “stay, “UNCTAD believes that some tourism companies may never recover from the economic effects of this pandemic.

For recently reopened destinations like the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, a current hot spot for coronavirus infections in the United States, there are concerns that opening too early could cause an increase in new COVID-19 infections. Still, many countries are slowly returning to a new normal after weeks of lockdowns and have since implemented security measures at popular tourist sites to ensure the safety of visitors.

These images show what summer tourism looks like around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.


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