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Home office setup guide: the best equipment for working at home

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Long before I was forced to stay indoors earlier this spring, I spent most of my time… indoors. I build a pc back in college (with the help of friends), and since then I have continued to perfect my home office setup – changing my desk, keyboard, monitor, etc.

When many of my friends and colleagues were forced into quarantine because of the Coronavirus pandemicI realized that most people didn’t have a home office like mine. The pandemic is still in full swing, and while a the vaccine has been approved, it is likely that we will not be returning to the office for several months. Even if we do, office work will never be quite the same as more and more companies are considering permanent homework solutions. So, my colleagues privileged enough to work from home, here are some choices that could make this work more bearable. Many have been tested by the Gear team at WIRED, and we recommend others based on customer reviews from retailers, what other sites have to say, and our experience with brands.

Updated in December 2020: I added several new items including a Poppin chair, a bike under the desk, a headset holder with wireless charging, new desk accessories and technical support sections, and more.

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You will need a good laptop or PC

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We assume you have a laptop or desktop, whether it’s your own personal device or one you brought from work. Otherwise, check out our Best Laptops, Best Cheap Laptops, Best Chromebooks, and Best MacBooks guides. If you are considering a desktop computer, we have recommendations and advice for Preset gaming PCs it might be convenient, or you can build yours for much less.


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