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How Bugsnax Young Horses Studio Remains Enduring and Deeply Weird

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Young horses launched Bugsnax to Sony in 2016 or 2017, Tibitisoki recalled, early in the development process. Eighty had performed well enough to support the studio without taking a contract or rushing to another title, and the Tibitoski team had spent some time perfecting their ideas into a semi-cohesive prototype.

They started with touchstones like Pokemon Snap, Pikmin, The Muppets, Apocalypse now, Fern Gully and Dr Moreau’s Island, and first ended up with a rail food truck simulator that wasn’t much fun to play. They thought more and expanded the game to include cooking half-food, half-animal creatures and feeding them to neighboring residents to influence their communities, with town leveling trees.

“After we prototyped each of these things, we realized that was way too much for a team our size to accomplish, and so we took the things we loved most out of them, and ultimately reduced them to this. than Bugsnax is now, ”Tibitoski said.

BugsnaxThe story of has evolved over time and many tabletop readings, with Creative Director Kevin Zuhn and Editor-in-Chief Sage Coffey at the helm. The final version of Bugsnax has a cast of charming characters called Grumpus, a moving tale, and 100 adorable animal creatures to catch. When Young Horses initially introduced the game to Sony, executives asked if there was a gas leak in their office or something, given how ridiculous the idea was. They liked it, but it was still years before it turned gold.

Young horses continued to develop Bugsnax, and eventually, it became clear that the game would be ready to ship towards the end of 2020, when the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles were announced to land. Tibitoski started pushing his people on Sony again, asking if Bugsnax could be involved in the launch of the PS5. One day, they backed off.

Young horses

“It was April, so it was an interesting experience, I don’t know, having the confidence to be a part of this whole marketing beating game, from the announcement in June to the release, and sitting next to it. Miles MoralesSaid Tibitoski.


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