Wednesday, August 17, 2022

How the contraceptive pill influences partner choice

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couple, attraction, choose mateThe contraceptive pill can interfere with a woman’s natural ability to choose a partner who is genetically different from them. This could lead to difficulties when trying to conceive, an increased risk of miscarriage and long intervals between pregnancies. Passing on a lack of various genes to children could also weaken their immune systems.

Humans tend to be attracted to those who have a different genetic makeup from themselves, maintaining genetic diversity, which is signaled by subtle smells. A research team analyzed how the birth control pill affects odor preferences and found that the preferences of women who started using the birth control pill shifted to men with genetically similar odors.

Not only could the genetic similarity in couples lead to fertility issues, but it could ultimately lead to relationship breakdown when women stop using birth control pills, as odor perception plays an important role in maintaining l appeal to partners, the researchers said.


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