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How to decipher the floppy disk for Operation Chaos – Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War wiki guide



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Unfortunately, the specific answers to these puzzles can vary wildly and will be unique to you, so we can’t just give you the access codes and passphrases for the floppy disk. We can however tell you how the puzzles work, so that you can easily solve them on your own.

Observer’s first page

Bell has special training, allowing them to quickly guess hidden codes. Take a look at Proof: First page of the Observer, then note all the red letters. You will have to decipher them to find the name of a city.

Match the city to one listed in the Numbers Station broadcast to get a four-digit number, which you’ll need to unlock the first prompt on the floppy disk.


Looking at the page, the following letters stand out from Bell:

N, M, D, I, A, S, O. Rearranging these letters against the list of names on the Numbers Station Broadcast will give us “Madison”, which has a corresponding code number of 0629. The first solution, for us, is 0629.


A coded message

For this piece of evidence, you will need to determine a pattern for a sequence of numbers. The first pattern involves a sequence of red numbers, and the second is a sequence of blue numbers. The missing red number and the missing blue number will form a 4 digit number which is also found on the Numbers station broadcast.

The city name on the Numbers Station broadcast that is linked to the 4-digit number will be the second passphrase used to decrypt the floppy disk.


Our red numbers are 56, 61, 66 ,? And 76. The difference between each of the first three numbers is 5. If we add 5 to 66, we get 71, and the difference between 71 and 76 (the final known number) is also 5. So the red solution is 71.

Our blue numbers are 31, 33, 37 ,? And 51. The difference between 31 and 33 is 2. The difference between the next series, 33 and 37, is 4. For this reason, we can extrapolate that the difference will increase by 2 each time. Since the last difference was 4, the difference between the third number and the hidden number should be 6, and the difference between the hidden number and the final number should be 8. Plug in 43 because the hidden number satisfies these. two conditions our assumption was correct and the blue number is 43.

Our red number is 71 and our blue number is 43, which means our solution for this piece of evidence is 7143.

Station broadcast numbers

Numbers Station broadcast can help you solve the first two pieces of evidence.

For the Watcher’s first page, use the red letters and decipher them to match one of the city names on the Numbers Station broadcast. The 4-digit number linked to this city name will be the first code you enter when decrypting the floppy disk.

Then take the missing red number and the missing blue number from a coded message, and compare that number to the Numbers station’s broadcast list. The corresponding city will be your second code when decrypting the floppy disk.

Our example

The letters we saw on the Observer home page were N, M, D, I, A, S, O. The town on Numbers Station’s broadcast that has these numbers is “Madison,” which has a corresponding code of “0629”, Our first password.

Our solution to a coded message is 71 and 43, and the code for Austin is 7143, so “Austin” is our second passphrase.

Decrypt the floppy disk

Once you have determined your password and passphrase, exit Evidence and select “Decrypt Floppy”.

Use the first 4-digit number you find as the answer to the first prompt.

Then use the name of the city corresponding to your second solution as the second prompt.

Once you’ve gained access, you’ll have all the information you need to get started Operation Chaos.




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