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How to defeat Eikthyr – Valheim wiki guide

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Put your Viking to the test as you take on some of Valheim’s toughest bosses. For a complete step-by-step procedure to learn how to locate, summon and defeat each boss, check out our Boss Guides Hub to learn more.

Before you dive too deep into summoning and defeating Eikthyr, you’ll need to locate the large deer-shaped boss first, which is relatively straightforward.When you first spawn you will find a small shiny red boulder located just to the left of Eikthyr’s sacrifice. calculation. When interacting with the boulder, a brand new marker will be added to your world map to indicate the location of Eikthyr.It is important to note that the location of Eikthyr can only be found in a Meadows biome.

How to prepare for Eikthyr

Before we can tackle Eikthyr, we need to prepare several things, such as armor, the choice of weapons and boosts.

So let’s start with armor, because Eikthyr will be arguably the most difficult encounter you will have at the start of the game. For this reason, we highly recommend that you get the likes of a Deer skin Cap, Leather tunic, Leather trousers, and one Leather helmet, as these will greatly increase your defense and help you avoid taking big damage.

Once you have your armor sorted, you will want to select a weapon. This can be in the form of melee or something longer range like a bow and arrows. For our particular fight, we chose to pair a Flint spear with a Wooden shield.

If getting up and personalizing isn’t exactly your style, you can always choose to use a Raw arc and Arrows. The particular arrows which you use is entirely up to you, because the Wooden arrow, Printhead arrow, and Flaming arrow are all viable early game options if you spend the time collecting the Resources to make them.

Before going into battle with Eikthyr, it is highly recommended that you eat three different pieces of food to ensure you have maximum health and stamina before your fight. Given the Resources which will be available to you during your early game experience, we recommend that you eat Cooked meat, Grilled neck tailand 1 raspberry or mushroom.


We also recommend that you use the rest effect, which can be obtained by your character to be under cover or even sit while receiving the warm bonus. With the rest effect active, players can receive + 50% health regeneration, + 100% stamina regeneration, as well as a 50% increase in all skills for a limited time.

How to summon Eikthyr

Once you’re up and ready for battle, it’s time to head to the location marked by Eikthyr on your map.

When you reach the place indicated, you will find a mystical altar. This is where you will need to come up with two Deer Trophies, which can be obtained in the form of hunting drops deer. While this is a bit of a rare drop, it shouldn’t take you too long to get both Deer Trophies.With the two deer Trophies handy, place them on your action bar and offer them to the altar. This will trigger a short animation sequence and Eikthyr will appear soon.

How to beat Eikthyr

Now that you are ready to fight Eikthyr, you will need to be aware of his three main abilities, as they can really punch and deal significant damage if you get caught off guard.

Remote lightning:

  • During Eikthyr’s ranged lightning attack, he will fire a lightning strike towards you from a relatively short distance.

Lightning AOE:

  • A great AOE attack which sees Eikthyr firing multiple lightning strikes in a circle.


  • Once you notice Eikthyr’s head falling to the ground, he will rush forward in your direction and charge you with his antlers.

As we stated earlier in our guide, we chose to defeat Eikthyr with a Flint Launches and Wood Shield, because this combination allows you to easily block the vast majority of his damage, while also getting several quick hits between his three attacks. Remember, it’s important to block all of Eikthyr’s attacks, so don’t be too greedy when it comes to launching your attacks against him. Take it easy and you should beat him in a matter of minutes.

If you are trying to defeat Eikthyr with a bow and arrow, we highly recommend that you kite with the large deer-shaped boss around the altar, using the calculation pillars to the advantage to avoid taking damage from his powerful attacks while regaining your stamina.

For even more details on Eikthyr’s drops, abilities, and stats, be sure to check out our full boss page below:


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