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How to Find the Perfect Music, Podcast, or Audiobook Faster

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The reason why you not listening to what you want when the mood strikes you is you can’t get there fast enough. Whether you know it or not, you drown yourself in listening choices. Audio options abound. Often times, the time it takes to delve into songs, podcasts, or audiobooks is what actually keeps us from listening when we have decided we want to listen.

I know I thought about putting on some soft background music during the family dinner, but with only two or three minutes from when I think about it and when the timer goes off, I gave up. Create the perfect playlist is not difficult, but it can take time. The same goes for finding a new podcast episode or audiobook that can match the mood as well as a certain amount of listening time. It’s not difficult, it just takes time.

Follow these few steps now to prepare to listen faster in the future.

Create playlists for lots of moods

When it’s time to dance, cook, study, or sleep, you want the music queued up and ready to go.

Having playlists in a wide range of moods is the key to quickly recording those moments, and not just starting the first playlist you find that matches your keyword search. The best way to do this is to add songs and albums to various playlists at the same time as you add them to your music library.

If a song doesn’t fit into an existing playlist, consider creating a new one based on how the song makes you feel or what time of day you would like to listen to it in the future. .

Creating dozens of playlists is great for very specific moods, but consider creating a few really large ones as well. For example, creating playlists called simply “Morning,” “Afternoon,” and “Evening” is one way to always have a selection of songs on hand. “Lying Down”, “Up and About” and “Blood Pumping” are another way of broadly grouping songs together and covering the different listening periods that will arise in the future.

While you’re at it, get rid of redundant playlist names as well. If you have five playlists all named “Good Songs New”, it later creates indecision and uncertainty. You can also use emoji in playlist titles if that helps you identify them faster.

Saving podcast episodes

The beauty of listening to podcasts is that there is one for every topic of interest. There are millions of them, from big budget stories to casual conversations with friends. The volume of content is great, but it can also be a curse.

Personally, I like to listen to weekly tech news podcasts most of the time. The ones I listen to the most are usually 45 to 90 minutes long. It’s the perfect length for my daily run and helps me kill two birds with one stone. There were times when I didn’t have new episodes available, and that actually kept me from running that day.

To combat this problem, I saved a few episodes of shows that I unsubscribed from. There are just too many great podcasts and not enough time. Every once in a while, when I lose the battle with my listening queue, I unsubscribe. It’s nothing personal but helps to keep my sanity.

But instead of deleting the shows I unsubscribed from in my podcast player, I’ll keep a few episodes of those shows so I always have one available to listen to, even if my regular shows are sold out for the week. The ones I keep as backups are lingering episodes of Revisionist history, Hidden brain, and the TED radio time.

Emergency sounds

There are times when you just need the sound. Whether it’s an upcoming deadline or just unexpected stressful moments, sometimes having background music helps. Honestly, in these cases, it doesn’t matter what the sound is – all it takes is one tap.


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