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How to get 8 items from each rock, every time – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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Rocks in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular commodity as they produce iron nuggets, clay, stone, gold nuggets, and sometimes even bells! This page covers a surefire way to collect the maximum of 8 items each time with “money rocks“filled with bells that appear once a day, and others rocks, which contain resources, in ACNH.

Between a hole and a rock tower

There is a way to ensure you have eight materials or resources per rock, just strategically dig holes behind you to avoid getting knocked over! Get between the rock and the holes (pictured above), then clear with your shovel as fast as you can. (You can use an ax instead if you want.)

Watch the video below at 1:40 to see this trick in action with exact step-by-step instructions.

Make sure you completely clear the ground around the rock from weeds, trees, and any other element. If the terrain is not clear, the objects will have no place to land and you will be out of luck.

Make sure you don’t knock rocks after eating fruit! You will destroy it completely. Don’t worry though, if you accidentally break a rock it will “grow back” at a random location on the island in a few days.

How to get the bells out of a rock

A long-standing secret of Animal Crossing games is that every day a random boulder will contain bells instead of minerals, and you can keep hitting it to earn more and more money. Make sure to prevent yourself from being knocked down by digging holes behind you (above / below and to the side) and hit the rock no more than eight times to get up to 16,400 bells every day!


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