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How to get Iron Nuggets – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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This Animal Crossing Iron Nugget guide explains how to get this precious resource (and a big part of it!). Iron Nuggets are more important in the first part of New Horizons (especially if you’re looking for how to get 30 Iron Nuggets fast), and over time you should eventually have a good stock for all of your crafting needs.

How to get iron nuggets

Getting Iron Nuggets is Simple: Hit rocks and the precious unrefined metal will fall. You can hit rocks with an ax or Shovel, but one shovel is recommended because you must already use your ax to strike trees and all tools are breakable. This means that you want to distribute the workload between your tools as best you can.

There are only a few rocks on your island and during the first few days, and some parts of your island are inaccessible until you get the Jump post cross rivers and Ladder to reach higher areas.

Tips for hitting rocks

  • Remove all the weeds around the rock because weeds will prevent objects from coming out of the rock (since these objects will not have empty space to land).
  • You have to hit the rock quickly and consecutively. But notice that you’ll bounce back with each hit, eventually ending up too far to hit the rock. Back out to the rock after each hit.
  • Once you stop hitting the rock, nothing else will come out of it. The maximum number of hits you can get is 8.
  • To make it easier to get the 8 rock falls, stand in front of the rock then turn to dig 2 holes behind you. These holes will help you stay in place so you can keep hitting the rock.
  • And just like that, you have the maximum resources of your rock!


Breeding Iron Nuggets

Each day, each rock can be hit a maximum of 8 times. After that, it will not produce anything. So how are you supposed to get all those Iron Nuggets?

Here are some solutions for growing iron nuggets!

  • Steal your best friend: If you are playing on one of your best friend’s islands, you are allowed to use axes and shovels! This means you can hit their rocks (if they haven’t already before you arrive). See: How to Add People as Best Friends. Remember: this is a moral gray area, but it is an option. Which brings us to a nefarious and classic cheat:
  • Time travel cheat: Purists would never do it, but you could. You can change your system clock for the next day (which starts at 5 a.m.), which will result in all of these resources being replenished. For more details on how to view our Time travel guide.

Other Rocks Resources (Clay, pierre, etc.) and Lucky Money Rock

Rocks provide more than just iron nuggets. Here is what else you will find.

  • Gold Nuggets (rare): do not sell them because they are rare and can be used to make a giant robot.
  • Silver: once a day, a rock becomes the Lucky Money rock and produces Bells instead of resources! Discover our Guide to making money for more information and further advice.


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