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How to level all 4 elemental variations of the DIE Shockwave Wonder weapon in Die Maschine Easter Egg – call of duty: black ops cold war wiki guide

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To unlock the DIE Cyro-Emitter Wonder Wonder, you’ll need to head to the Penthouse, which is on top of the Nacht Der Untoten building.

At the top, look over the edge of the building near the green tarp and you’ll find a box just to the left. Pull on this box and take the vial which is deposited in the pond area below. Once you’ve collected the flask, look for the nearby tree that’s covered in mushrooms.

You will need to lure a Megaton zombie into this area and blow him up the mushroom covered tree with his radioactive attack. After that interact with the mushroom and place the ball under it.Once the vial is full, pick it up and head to the Medical Bay in the facility.Upon arriving in the medical bay, you will find a small box covered in chains, not too far from the door of the particle accelerator.

Using your vial, interact with the box and have the vial remove the chains. When opening the box, you will be rewarded with the Cryo-Emitter DIE.

To unlock the DIE Nova 5 Wonder weapon, head to the Mezzanine Room which is on the top floor of the Nacht Der Untoten building. Once you reach the top you’ll find a small golden box sitting on a table inside a small room near the end of the building.Unable to reach the cartridge on foot, use the suction ability of the DIE Wonder weapon to pull the cartridge towards you. Now that you have the cartridge, head to the Weapons Lab in the installation and insert it into the white machine which is just to the right of the large plan hanging on the wall.While inserting the cartridge, kill the Plaguehound that appears near the machine. With the cartridge now infected, pick it up and head to the crash site.Near the crashed plane you will find a small box – interact with it then melee he. You will now be able to collect the DIE Nova 5 in the box.


Once you get the DIE Shockwave, head back to the Dark Aether portal which is on the ground floor of the Particle Accelerator Room, just under the Pack-A-Punch Machine.

Upon entering the Dark Aether, you will need to collect a total of three Energy Crystals. These crystals can be found in the following locations and can be collected in any order.

  • Site of the accident:
    • You will find the Energy Crystal on the ground near the entrance to the tunnel, not too far from the Perk Machine.
  • Night of the Living Dead:
    • You will find this energy crystal on the roof of the Nacht Der Untoten, just above the Stamina-Up Machine.
  • Pond:
    • The final energy crystal can be found near the mystery box, not too far from the path that leads to the facility tunnel.

It is important to note that you can only collect one crystal at a time, which means that you will have to make three separate trips for the crystals.

After you pick up each crystal, head back to the Particle Accelerator room and shoot the crystal into the box that’s on the first floor of the room. By repeating this step for the third crystal, you will receive the DIE Electrobolt variant of the Wonder Weapon.

To get the Thermophasic Miracle Weapon, head to the Pond and enter through the Dark Aether Portal.

Upon reaching the Dark Aether, head to the crash site, where you’ll find a small box under the floating plane.

Depending on a deadline, you will need to complete the following steps as quickly as possible.

To start, melee the small box to receive a fuse. With the fuse in hand, walk towards the Weapons Labs in the facility and place the fuse in the plasma cutter that sits in front of the Perk machine.

Return to the normal world and return to the pond. Here, look for the old truck and you will find the DIE thermophasic weapon by interacting with the green box which is sitting on the bed of the truck.


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