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How to make your music streaming a little more social



To follow Facebook friends on Spotify, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of the mobile app and select View Profile. Once there, tap the dots in the top right corner and select Find Friends. Log in to your Facebook account when prompted and tap to select individual people or to follow all.

Use the search box if you know someone’s Spotify username and follow that way as well.

To see your friends’ listening activity, you need to use Spotify’s desktop app. Head to settings and click on Display Options. Then select to view your friends’ listening activity.

Sharing a song, album, or playlist is easy. Each song has three dots next to it for liking, adding to a playlist, or sharing. Tap Share to provide app specific options for Snapchat, Instagram Stories, Messages, or copy the link and paste it anywhere you like.

Create a collaborative playlist for others to add, remove, and rearrange tracks. Create an existing playlist collaboratively by going to the playlist and then tap on a person’s silhouette with the plus sign. Then share the link to the playlist with anyone you want to add to it.

To listen together in real time, use a group session. This will allow everyone invited to control what is playing. Just play a song to get started.

A speaker icon will appear on the Now Playing screen under the Play / Pause button. (The name of your headphones will display instead if you’re listening with wireless headphones.) Tap the icon and scroll down until you see the big green button that says Start session. Invite up to five friends to join the session with you.

How to get social on Apple Music

Start following friends on Apple Music from your profile. You can access it, on iOS 13, in Apple Music, by tapping Play Now in the bottom row. Then, in the upper right corner, tap the circle. Tap the first option, View Profile, and scroll down until you see the big red button, Follow More Friends. Instead of Facebook friends like Spotify uses, contacts in your address book using Apple Music will be displayed.

If you don’t have a person’s contact information but know their Apple Music username, you can type it in the search box to find it.

You can now see what is being listened to by the people you are following in this same Listen Now section. Tap a person’s profile and you can see the playlists they’ve created, recent plays they’ve made, and people they’re following. In Apple Music, you can also see their profile picture on songs and albums to indicate that they have listened to that selection at some point.

Long press a song, album, or playlist, then select the Share button. This will bring up contacts, apps, and other ways to share the item. Tap Copy to this list for a link that can be shared anywhere.

How to get social on Pandora

You can find friends on Pandora through the profile section. First, tap the icon at the bottom of the mobile app’s main screen. Next, under your name, tap Followers and then tap Find Friends on the next screen. Here you can enter a person’s email (associated with their account) or log into a Facebook account and connect with them.

To share music from the mobile app, tap a song, album, or station and find the Share button to the right of the Play button. Touching it will bring up a menu to share on Instagram Stories, Snapchat or a link to copy and paste it anywhere.




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