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How to set up your new TV



Congratulations on this fancy 4K OLED or just a really grotesque huge TV you have there. Installation should be a breeze, but there are a few more things you’ll want to consider.


We know, we know you just want to plug it in and turn your brain off. But where you plug your TV into is more important than you might think, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

There are many factors that affect the sharpness of your TV picture that have nothing to do with the settings (we’ll get to that in a minute). You’ll want to sit a specific distance from your ensemble based on factors such as its size, proportions, and resolution. The rule of thumb is to sit about twice the diagonal distance of your ensemble. So if it’s a 60 inch, try placing it 120 inches from your couch. A little closer than that is fine too. In fact, the higher the resolution, the closer you can sit without being able to discern individual pixels.

It sounds complicated, but it’s really not that bad. In addition, that’s why display of distance calculators to exist.

Calibration and parameters

The biggest mistake people make with new TVs is to assume they just look the way they are. Not so! There are many adjustments you can make right away to ensure the best viewing experience.

Image mode: If this option is set to Demo or Showroom, enable it on Home or Standard.

Aspect ratio: Set this setting to “Auto Adjust” or “Normal” if your image looks stretched or reduced.

Improved movement: It goes by many names (Clear Motion Rate, Motion Flow, etc.), but it still gives a smooth look to anything you watch, like a soap opera. Burn it on fire. (Same Tom Cruise hates him, and if you can’t trust it, then who can do you trust?)

Set-specific calibration: Your levels! Your levels are usually not ideal out of the box. You can DIY the contrast, backlight and sharpness yourself, but we recommend that you AVS Forum Pages on display settings. There you will find precise expert recommendations for the calibration of most of the best assemblies on the market. If you can’t find your specific breast tube, you can mail yourself in for help.

Smart start

You can switch over and log into all of your Netflix and Hulu and (shiver) Twitter accounts on your smart TV. But maybe not either! Obtain a Year or one Chromecast or one Apple tv instead of. Their interfaces are more reliable, their selections are much larger, and they are inexpensive. It will be the best gift you have ever given yourself.

And now something to watch?

This setup guide was updated in December 2020.

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