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How to Solve the Red House Butterfly Puzzle (Solution) – The Average Wiki Guide

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Once you get to the Red House, go up the stairs and head to the living room.

As you enter the room, you’ll want to interact with the dollhouse locked on the table first, followed by the Butterfly frame that is among the ruins on the floor as you turn around.With the two out of the way, pick up the two photographs that are on the ground.

These can be found near the dollhouse and butterfly frame. Finally, take the photo on top of the fireplace.Once the three photographs have been gathered, place them in the following order:

  • Left: High rectangular frame
  • Middle: Circular frame
  • Right: Long rectangular frame.

If the photographs were placed in the correct order, the fireplace will shine.

With the photos correctly placed, enter the mirror that is near the entrance to the room.

Once you are in the spirit world, head to the fireplace and grab the Mask of Joy that is in the pit.

Before leaving the room, use your knife to open the bag of skin located on the right side of the room. Inside you’ll find a red butterfly inside – take it. After picking up both the Mask of Joy and the Red Butterfly, return to the material world. Once back you will find that the dollhouse is now unlocked.

How to find butterflies and masks in bedrooms

As you interact with the dollhouse, you will find a small mirror inside the house. Take the mirror and place it on the wall inside the bedroom at the top right. With the mirror in place, enter the mirror in the main house.


Upon entering the mirror, you will be taken to the spirit world version of the chamber in the upper right. When you’re inside the room, head over to the base of the bed and interact with the chest.

Here you’ll want to place the red butterfly you found earlier in the first location on the board. After placing the butterfly on the board, head over to the nightstand and open the bag of skin. You will find a yellow butterfly inside. As before, head to the chest at the base of the bed and place the yellow butterfly in the second slot.

Once you’re ready to continue, head back to the Material World and place the Small Dollhouse Mirror in the top left room.

How to find the butterfly and the mask in the room at the top left

Entering the room in the upper left through the mirror of the burnt house, take the fish toy from the table that is along the left wall. Picking up the toy you’ll find a bag of skin not too far to your right – open it and take the blue butterfly.Once you’ve grabbed the butterfly, head over to the bed and examine the pillow – here you’ll find the Mask of Calm.As you move to the right side of the room, you will come across a wall of skin.

Cut out the skin and you will discover a tea decor with three rather spooky dolls. First, place the joy mask on the left doll and the calm mask on the doll in the middle.With the two masks placed on the dolls, return to the material world. Using the dollhouse, place the mirror in the room in the upper right and use the main mirror at the entrance.

How to open the trunk at the end of the bed

Once you are in the upper right room, find the mobile in the left corner of the room and place the fish toy on the mobile. After a memory of the past, pick up the white butterfly and place it in the third slot. Finally, place the blue butterfly in the fourth and last slot to open the chest.Inside the chest you will find the last mask in the puzzle – the Mask of Wonder. Exit the room and use the dollhouse to return to the room in the upper right.

Back in the room, head to the tea decor and place the mask of wonder on the last doll (right).By placing the final mask on the doll, you will be invaded by moths. By moving quickly, survive the onslaught of moths as you attempt to pass through the mirror. Upon returning to the material world, the mirror will shatter into pieces – which will now allow you to access the basement.For a complete guide on solving the Basement Combination Puzzle, look no further than our guide below.


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