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‘Hyper Light Drifter’ co-designer returns with indie-pop series ‘We are OFK’

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True to form, Dief keeps some details close to his chest. For starters, there is no word on the platforms for the series other than Steam, where it is now available for the Wish List. In addition, they do not describe We are OFK as a specific type of game, but more broadly as an “interactive series”. It will be released in five episodes over five weeks, and there will be a new OFK song in each episode.

“It will play as an interactive TV series, with an extra playable dimension and added goodies,” Dief told Engadget.

From left to right: Itsumi Saito, Jey Zhang, Carter Flores, Luca Le Fae

Palmtree Team

The fictional members of OFK are producer Jey Zhang, singer Luca Le Fae, pianist Itsumi Saito and visual artist Carter Flores, and they all graced the virtual stage of the Game Awards for their first performance. Jey and Itsumi use his pronouns, while Luca uses them and Carter uses them.

Representation and a human approach to game development seem to be the core tenets of the Palmtree team. For OFK’s top-tier performance at the Game Awards, the developers dressed Luca in a shirt with a bold reading, “Black Trans Lives Matter.”

“What we would like to convey with Luca’s shirt is that black trans lives matter,” Dief said. “This is what every member of our team and every member of our group knows to be true. Saying it on stage at The Game Awards is doing it in solidarity with those who also know it’s true, and in remembrance of the family and friends we’ve lost to the violence against black trans people, trans and black.


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