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ICYMI: More gadget highlights from CES 2021

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The two new Dragonfly laptops also feature new tools such as tower detection, intrusion detection, which will alert you if your device has been opened or compromised, and dynamic audio which optimizes sound depending on what you are listening to. music or on a conference call. They can be configured with 4G or 5G connectivity and also have Tile trackers built into the WLAN module. Both are expected to be available this month, although HP has yet to provide pricing details.


TCL produced some of our favorite TVs over the past few years with features like Dolby Vision and Roku OS integration. At CES last year, the company announced an 8K TV and this year it announced that all new sets in the mid-range range 6 Series will also have 8K. Additionally, TCL announced the third generation of its OD Zero backlight technology, so named because the distance between its backlight layer and the LCD panel is now 0mm, resulting in an even thinner screen.

The company is also launching an 85-inch 4K TV that will cost $ 1,599, along with a whole range of XL displays that will also have an 85-inch size option. This includes a low-end 4-Series XL model for $ 1,599 coming in Q1, a QLED TV with 120Hz HDMI input support, and a premium mini-LED edition expected to arrive later this year. .

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro


Anker is renowned for its affordable and truly wireless headphones and has just added another pair to the Soundcore family. the $ 130 Liberty Air 2 Pro offer multi-mode ANC, Qi wireless charging, IPX4 waterproof design, and six hours of battery life. The ANC is available in three settings – transport, indoor and outdoor – with each of the tuning frequencies locked to suit your environment. And the fast charging technology that Anker uses in the case will give you two hours of use after just ten minutes of charging.

Billy Steele was impressed with the sound quality when he saw Anker’s again Spirit Dot 2 and Spirit X2 last year and expects a similar quality from these buds. The Liberty Air 2 Pro are now available in black, white, blue or pink for $ 130.

Cowin sound bar


Soundbars don’t always produce the same immersive experience as a surround sound system. Cowin wants to address this with their new 25W wireless unit which can either be placed under a TV like a standard speaker, or split into two rooms that can be placed vertically on either side of an entertainment system. Alternatively, the segments can also be mounted horizontally on opposing walls.

Because the Soundbar is not tied to a central unit, there is a lot of flexibility in how it can be used. It is wireless via Bluetooth 4.2 support, but it can also use a wired connection on AUX, optical or HDMI ports. At $ 80, this offers an easy and affordable surround sound option for a variety of uses, and will be available during the first quarter of the year.

Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige


Smart toothbrushes aren’t new – Oral-B and Colgate have a few – but this year, Philips Sonicare 9900 Prestige look for a spot on your bathroom counter. The flagship toothbrush claims to use AI to monitor oral health and your personal brushing style to give you cleaner teeth. The 9900 Prestige also features a new brush head with angled bristles which Philips says will remove 20 times more plaque than existing models. The AI ​​“SenseIQ” works with the smart brush to sense the strength of your brushing and will adjust the intensity of its vibrations accordingly.

Philips claims that the more you use the software, the more it can customize your recommendations and provide accurate weekly, monthly and annual progress reports. While there is no pricing information yet, we do know that the 9900 Prestige will also come with a new faux leather travel case with a built-in USB-C port for easy charging.

Otterbox Easy Grip Case


Although Otterbox has long been known for making tough and rugged smartphone cases, the company has gone in a slightly different direction this year with its new range of gaming accessories. Aimed at Xbox gamers, the company released an Easy Grip Shell to protect the controllers; a mobile game clip to connect your phone to an Xbox controller; a dedicated case to hold your mobile configuration; an additional bacteria-resistant gaming case and a Privacy Guard screen protector.

The accessories all look like Otterbox products: most come in gray or black colors, are thick and bulky, and have thoughtful inclusions like the pockets and passage on the gaming carrying case. The Easy Grip gaming case is with standard Otterbox Drop + protection and will be available for all current iPhones and select Android devices. Although the prices range from $ 30 to $ 55, they can be worth it if you want serious protection for your devices. Pre-orders will open on January 25, and shipments will begin in mid-February.

Razer Blade Pro 17


Razer the new Blade laptops have some impressive improvements – Blade 15 and blade 17 incorporate NVIDIA’s new RTX 30 GPUs, but they also have 1440p high refresh rate displays to give gamers a high-resolution choice that won’t make the same demands as 4K displays. These QHD displays feature NVIDIA G-SYNC and Advanced Optimus, which should make gaming run smoother and help switch between integrated and dedicated GPUs.

Both laptops will also ship with Intel’s 10th generation H-series processors, at most with the 8-core i7 chip. The Blade 15 will be limited to the RTX 3060 or 3070 while the 15-inch Advanced and Pro 17 version can work with the more powerful RTX 3080. Devindra Hardawar says it will be interesting to see how well laptops handle ray tracing using NVIDIA’s Ampere architecture.

New laptops still feature the same sleek unibody cases as their predecessors, with plenty of ports including USB-A, USB-C 3.2, Thunderbolt, HDMI 2.1, and Gigabit Ethernet. The 15 Advanced and Pro 17 will also have a built-in SD card reader, a rare feature these days. Blade 15, our Audience Award Winner, will start at $ 1,700 while the Pro 17 will cost $ 2,300. Both are already available for pre-order on the Razer site. The Blade 15 will arrive in retailers later this month and the Blade 17 will be available in stores later in the first quarter.

Hatch Rest Mini

the hatch

Hatch’s previous products focused on offering minimalist, feature-rich sound machines with nightlight functionality. Their latest product, the Mini, bring things down even more. Like other devices in the Hatch range – the Rest, rest + and catering – the Mini is subtle and white and will blend in perfectly with a variety of decors. It has a speakerphone on the top with physical buttons to play, stop, skip, and adjust the volume, but you can still control the Mini from your phone through the companion smartphone app.

Unlike other devices, it only plays audio so there is no nightlight component. In addition to playing the standard variety of white noise sounds, the Mini will also work with a subscription service that provides stories and music that your kids can grow up with. At $ 39, the Mini is now the cheapest device Hatch has to offer, making it a good option for parents looking for an affordable music player for a nursery.

TP Link Kasa Smart Home doorbell

TP link

TP-Link has extended its Kasa smart home line by announcing several new devices at CES, including a video doorbell, smart switches and plugs. The company, well known as a manufacturer of routers, will now also produce a smart doorbell with a 1080p camera and AI-based person detection, a smart pan-and-tilt camera which has a starlight sensor for dark scenes and motion tracking, and a outdoor camera which supports 2K recording and color night vision video.

TP-Link also has Kasa Care, which offers 30 days of cloud storage for collected images, but the devices will also support microSD cards with up to 128GB of storage if you prefer to keep your data local. In addition, the company has introduced a Smart dimmer which uses motion detection and an ambient light sensor to turn off lights in vacant rooms, a WiFi light switch with 3-way dimmer kit which gives you voice-activated lighting and the Smart WiFi outdoor socket that controls outdoor lighting. We’re still waiting for details on release dates and pricing, but if you’re already using the Kasa ecosystem, you’ll have other ways to add it soon.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 gets an upgrade for professional and educational clients

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+


While this isn’t technically an announcement at CES, we can’t forget Microsoft, who published a Surface Pro 7+ update this week. There are a few key improvements here, including a larger battery, LTE connectivity, and removable SSD storage. The latter is a unique feature that Microsoft has added because this new Surface is aimed at business customers, and they will have “specific data retention standards” that are a bit more demanding than regular consumers. An interesting side effect is that it should make life easier for IT administrators in the event of a drive failure. The LTE addition is limited to the Core i5 fanless configuration, but will work with both physical SIM and eSIM cards in over 180 countries. And this battery upgrade makes it the biggest battery in a Surface to date.

There are also some additional improvements, like the processor upgrade to 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake processors and the redesigned thermal system that sports larger vents. We don’t have an official word yet, but we’ve heard that pricing will start at $ 899 for a Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. At the top of the scale, corporate customers can get 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage on the i7 Surface Pro 7+, but it’ll cost a lot more at $ 2,799.


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