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ICYMI: We’re reviewing Samsung’s upgraded Galaxy Chromebook 2

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This week we got our hands on Samsung’s new Galaxy Chromebook 2, and Nathan Ingraham details how the new model makes significant improvements over last year’s laptop. Additionally, Steve Dent takes another look at the Canon EOS R5 to see how firmware upgrades have addressed overheating issues with cameras. Finally, I used an online sleep training system to see if it could help my twins sleep better, and got some pretty positive results.

Nathan Ingraham / Engadget

Although the new Galaxy 2 Chromebook Looks a lot like its predecessor, Samsung has made some internal changes that make it a better laptop for more people. The Chromebook 2’s body is slightly larger at 13.9mm thick and 2.7 pounds, but Nathan Ingraham said it felt both shapely and light enough to be easily carried around all day. The new model eschews the previous stylus, on-keyboard camera, and fingerprint sensor – and Samsung has changed the display resolution from 4K to 1080p. Nathan said that didn’t impact the quality of the display, which still looked exceptional with vivid, saturated colors and solid viewing angles.

One of the biggest improvements was battery life: the Chromebook 2 lasted 11 hours and 49 minutes of testing, compared to a paltry 5 hours and 11 minutes in last year’s model. Still, he said he wished it would last an hour or two longer. Overall, however, Nathan found the Chromebook 2 to be much easier to recommend, and not just because of the upgrades, but also because the new model is priced lower by $ 699. Now if they could just do something about that giant promotional sticker on the palm rest …

Owlet Dream Lab


Every new parent has a common question: How can I make my baby sleep better? To answer this, Owlet – the company that makes the smart sock monitor – at Dream lab, an online sleep training system that helps parents teach their children about healthy and consistent sleep patterns. A series of assessments and quizzes will match your child with one of three methods you can use to help them learn to calm down. The program also offers videos that give step-by-step instructions, motivational tips, and sleep training information.

I tried the program with my twin babies and saw immediate improvements – although I admittedly didn’t follow the system as strictly as I should have. I liked the way the system was tailored to my baby’s needs, and after trying the “Stay” method, I noticed that the children slept more soundly, for longer periods of time and with fewer awakenings for a long time. the night. However, I would have preferred to see the service available as part of Owlet’s existing app, as opposed to a separate and less convenient website.


Steve Dent / Engadget

When Canon originally released the EOS-R5 and R6, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. The EOS R5 offered 8K 4K 120p video, precise autofocus, fantastic image stabilization, and crisp images. Steve Dent also liked how the full frame mirrorless camera behaved during the shoots. However, the R5 suffered from overheating issues, which disappointed many fans. In response, Canon has released firmware updates that have improved – but not entirely resolved – the heat issues.

Steve had a few more issues while shooting the video: he was able to shoot in 8K for about 25-30 minutes before having to stop because the camera was too hot. But he pointed out that he also recovered faster now, so when he was able to shoot for a few minutes at a time and turn the camera off between takes, he was able to run the camera for several hours without a problem. Despite the challenges of the heat, Steve said he really liked the $ 3,900 EOS R5 because it is the only pure high-megapixel mirrorless camera that can do both photography and video.


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