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IND / ENG 2021: “Surprised that Jack Leach didn’t play Rishabh Pant more”



Day 2 of the 4th test between India and England, Rishabh pants conjured up an incredible 101-point shot, which was studded with 13 fours and two sixes. In the process, the wicket keeper catapulted India from an insecure position to one of dominance, meaning the hosts established an 89-point lead by the end of the game.

At the start of his essay, Rishabh Pant looked a bit tentative, especially against James Anderson. Also, there were quite a few difficult areas outside of the Rishabh Pant strain – areas that could have been exploited by Jack Leach.

So, many felt that Jack Leach, despite his record against Rishabh Pant, would be given this particular responsibility in the third session. But the above did not materialize, leaving the cricket fraternity, including England bowling coach Jeetan Patel, astonished.

“It wasn’t a plan. I was as surprised as you are. I would have loved to see this battle between Rishabh Pant and Jack continue. With two right arms off spinners, spinning the ball and he’s taken out spinners before, we thought this was an opportunity to use two spinners and attack his outer edge as well as his pad. We also created opportunities and they just didn’t go our way, ”Jeetan Patel replied to a question from Sportskeeda.

Rishabh pants ripped Jack Leach to shreds in first test

To put it in perspective, Rishabh Pant and Jack Leach had a wonderful contest during the current series. While the old man tore the spinner during the 1st rounds of the 1st Test, the Englishman came back to gain the upper hand over Rishabh Pant in the 2nd rounds of the 2nd Test.

Since then, the two have been ready to play the waiting game against each other, which means fireworks, similar to those that followed in the first meeting, are rare.

As it stands, India leads England by 89 points and still has 3 wickets in the hangar. So the hosts appear to be in the ascendant and less calamity might just have enough quality to confirm their place in the final of the ICC World Test Championship final.

Posted on March 05, 2021 at 6:11 PM IST




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