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IND v ENG 2021: “We will not give in to anyone”

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Day 1 of the 4th test between India and England, Ben stokes produces a hard hit of 55 points, which includes six limits and two maximums. However, at the start of his tryout, Ben Stokes had a little scuffle with Mohammed Siraj, especially when the latter played a bouncer to greet the Englishman.

Ben Stokes downplayed the incident between him and Siraj

However, when asked about the instance, Ben Stokes noted that these were just two contestants trying everything they could to perform to the best of their ability. The all-rounder also joked that there was a tendency to go a little too far on such incidents.

“In cricket these days it becomes a huge talking point when two opponents talk to each other. People seem to think everything is wrong. You look at it in a different way and it shows that 2-3 people care about what they are doing. We are competitors, so we will not give in to anyone. It’s nice to see two competitors put their feet on their toes without backing down. And, to me, that was what it was – competitive guys trying to push their limits, ”added Ben Stokes.

The above happened on the last ball of the 13th and posterior Ben Stokes and Siraj appeared to be engaged in a heated conversation. In fact, even Virat kohli seemed to have a word with the Englishman, in order to dispel the situation – something the refs finally accomplished.

As far as the test goes, England find themselves firmly on the back foot after being shot down for 205 in their opening innings. The pitch, unlike the 3rd Test, doesn’t seem to boast any significant demons, meaning the visitors have plenty of ground to catch up with during the remainder of the encounter.

Posted on Mar 04, 2021 6:01 PM IST


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