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India apprehends Chinese soldier in disputed border region | Conflict News

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New Delhi says an PLA soldier was captured in the remote mountainous region amid a military standoff.

The Indian military has captured a Chinese soldier in the remote region of Ladakh where the two countries are locked in a months-long military standoff along their disputed mountainous border.

It was the second high-altitude border detention since the June pitched battles in which 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed.

An army statement on Saturday said the Chinese soldier was taken into custody on Friday for transgressing on the Indian side in an area south of Pangong Tso Lake.

“The meal [People’s Liberation Army] the soldier is treated according to the procedures and circumstances under which he crossed the LAC [Line of Actual Control]the statement read.

There was no immediate confirmation or comment from China.

A high-altitude confrontation between the Asian giants began in early May with a fierce brawl and exploded in hand-to-hand combat with batons, stones and fists on June 15, killing 20 Indian soldiers. China is also said to have claimed victims, but gave no details.

The two sides have since poured tens of thousands of troops and heavy weapons into the tension zone of the Ladakh region, currently in the grip of freezing winter temperatures.

India and China have fought over the border for seven decades and fought a brief war in 1962. Both sides blame each other for the current stalemate.

Neighbors held several rounds of disengagement talks but failed to facilitate the military build-up.

India’s foreign ministry said on Friday that the two sides had agreed to a new round of talks between senior commanders.

“In the meantime, the two sides have kept communication at ground level to avoid any misunderstanding and error in judgment,” he said in a statement.

Indian and Chinese soldiers often get lost in the disputed Himalayan region.

In October, India arrested another Chinese soldier in the Demchok region of Ladakh, but he was released after it was discovered he had strayed across the de facto border.

In September, China released five missing Indian nationals from the eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh amid simmering tensions between the two countries. The five men were hunters.


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