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India can’t avoid beating Melbourne first if given the chance, says Mark Taylor



From India Alternate Captain Ajinkya Rahane must forget the team Adelaide debacle and beats first if he gets the chance in Melbourne, according to former Australian skipper Mark Taylor.

Freshly released for the the country’s lowest ever score of 36Taylor admitted that some teams would likely look to play first to avoid facing the Australian quicks on opening morning.

Taylor, who has captained Australia in 50 of their 104 tryouts, said even in the absence of regular skipper Virat Kohli, India should not give up on testing their fragile roster. of batting from day one choosing to bowling, if they win. the draw.

“I hope that’s not the way he (Rahane) thinks,” he told Wide World of Sports.

“India’s best chance is to put points on the board. They still have some really good players. Obviously Kohli is leaving a big hole in terms of sticking and leadership, but they still have (Cheteshwar) Pujara and Rahane.

“If they put lanes on the board, they attack the bowling alley to take 10 wickets.

“If India has tracks to play, its bowlers can do the job.”

Largely forgotten in the cleanup of India’s disastrous 36, the fact that they had a first round of 53 points in Adelaide, a margin that would have been higher. had they held their catch.

That’s why Taylor thinks they have to treat the collapse in their second set as an aberration.

“India cannot let one bad round define its tour,” he explained.

“If you put Adelaide’s game into perspective, they probably won the first two days. Obviously they were belted in the third, but you’re allowed to have a bad day. The key will be how they bounce back.

Ajinkya Rahane at bat on the first try in Adelaide. (Getty)

“I think the first day in Melbourne is absolutely crucial to India’s chances in the series.”

The absence of Kohli, who returned to India for the birth of her first child, leaves a great void in the Indian middle order.

Taylor added that while losing his stick makes India’s job more difficult, this isn’t the only area he will miss.

“I think it will certainly be more difficult for them to bounce back with Kohli, obviously they lost an exceptional batsman. But the biggest hole to fill is his leadership, and the dynamism he gives to the team”, a- he declared.

“This will be the area that Rahane and the team management need to be aware of, and I’m sure they will be.

“They will have worked hard, on the one hand to put Adelaide behind them, and on the other hand to make sure they hit the ground on Boxing Day.”

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