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India says PLA soldier captured in Ladakh returned to China | Asia-Pacific News

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China had called for the speedy return of its soldier who had disappeared along the border last week.

Indian army says it surrendered Chinese soldier held near an isolated Himalayan border where thousands of soldiers from the two nuclear-weapon neighbors have been fighting each other for months after a deadly clash.

“The PLA soldier who was apprehended on January 8, 2021 was returned to China in Chushul-Moldo at 10:10 am today. [04:40 GMT on Monday]The Indian military said in a statement, referring to the People’s Liberation Army of China.

China called on Saturday for the speedy return of a missing soldier a day earlier along the border, adding that it had reported the incident to Indian authorities.

The soldier had been apprehended by Indian troops south of Lake Pangong Tso in the western Himalayan region of Ladakh, which borders Chinese-controlled Tibet, an Indian official said.

This is the second such incident in recent months. Last October, a Chinese soldier wandering across the border in Demchok, Ladakh, was detained by Indian troops and returned within days.

Indian and Chinese troops remain locked in a high-altitude clash along the Ladakh border, where soldiers clashed in brutal hand-to-hand combat last June.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed in the clash and the Chinese side suffered an undisclosed number of casualties.

The two sides have since said they are looking for ways to defuse the situation on the border, but talks have made little progress.

Meanwhile, the two sides also maintained an intense military deployment during the freezing winter months.


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