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Info on Micro Tattoos


Ever see that episode of Friends where Rachel and Phoebe get tattooed? Rachel gets a tiny little heart on her hip and worries if her boyfriend Ross will like it. (He at first compares tattoos to having a bad haircut for life, but he comes around.) Phoebe was going to get a lily on her shoulder in memory of her late mother, but chickened out when she realized tattooing was done with needles. (Yes, Phoebe is something of a ditz.) She gets a tattoo of a tiny blue dot and tries to pass it off as Earth as viewed from very far away. Rachel calls her a wuss. Many things from the 90’s are making a comeback. Thankfully, not Rachel’s hair. Among the things that are making a comeback are micro tattoos.

Why Some People Like Micro Tattoos

Some people want a tattoo with a special meaning. While it may indeed be a work of art, the meaning behind it can be personal. A micro-tattoo is unobtrusive but the person who has it will know where it is and what it means. If you’re getting a tattoo for a special somebody, maybe you would like it to be in a spot where only they can see it, and only when you want them to see it. If you work somewhere that frowns on tattoos, a micro tattoo can be easily covered with clothes, make-up, or bandages until you’re off the clock.

Devil In the Details

While some micro tattoos are small and simple, some can hold a good amount of detail due to the small size of the needle used. Do keep in mind that while micro tattoos are small, they can take as long if not longer than a larger tattoo. This, of course, all depends on how much detail you plan to go with. Dark-skinned people should rethink getting a heavily detailed micro tattoo as it may not show up very easily.

Ideas for Micro Tattoos

Though Miss Mona from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas doesn’t approve of them, hearts and flowers are the most popular subjects for micro tattoos. Some people like to get the symbol for their star sign tattooed on them or a symbol connected to their religion. Chinese and Japanese characters are popular. Just make very sure you know what that character means and that the artist knows how to draw it right. Otherwise, the pinyin that you thought meant “friendship” can look like the one for “ugly”.


Could the micro tattoo be what you’re looking for? If you want something that has a special meaning to you and doesn’t stand out too much, this little thing can mean a lot.



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