Saturday, March 25, 2023

Instacart Tries To Encourage COVID-19 Vaccinations With $ 25 Allocation

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That’s a big deal for shoppers who face hours of risky store visits every day, but it might not be enough. Current COVID-19 vaccines typically require two weeks apart – $ 25 likely won’t cover orders missed on both trips. This assumes that there are no queues or other delays. Add in the fuel costs and it’s likely that buyers will still lose money on getting the shot, even if it’s not as much pay as they might have lost otherwise.

Instacart has made many efforts to both protect workers and encourage responsible behavior during the pandemic, including paid sick leave for buyers who catch the virus or need to self-isolate. At the same time, the allowance could fuel criticism of the working conditions of the company, which can include low wages and fast working hours. Many buyers will likely rush to get the vaccine anyway, but the allocation might not significantly influence that decision.


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