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Intel’s new ads for PC bring ‘I’m a Mac’ guy back out of desperation



So it happened to this. Intel, eager to combat the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Apple’s (super fast!) M1 chips, has launched a series of attack announcements featuring Justin Long, the former star of Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ads. In the new campaign, baptized “Justin gets real, “Long pits Macs against some of the more innovative aspects of Windows PCs, such as their ability to function as 2-in-1 convertible devices, or the dominance of touchscreen PCs while Macs are stuck with the TouchBar ( admittedly unnecessary).

These are all good points, of course, but relaunching your competitor’s nearly 20-year-old ad campaign (the ‘I’m a Mac’ ads that started in 2002!) Is such an obviously hopeless decision, I’m not shocked anyone. at Intel thought twice about this. What makes the situation worse is that Intel’s ads just aren’t as eye-catching and compelling as Apple’s: Long spends every ad touting the benefits of PCs as a regular home shopping network, rather than the hip guy who helped make Macs cool. Basically Intel is trying to sell you a list of features, whereas Apple knew it had to sell the ambitious vibe of being a Mac user.

Despite giving Rave Reviews for the M1 MacsFirst and foremost, I am a PC user. I’m more comfortable with Windows, enjoy playing games, and appreciate the ingenuity PC makers are bringing to laptops these days. Intel already has a lot of selling points over Apple – so maybe it shouldn’t be spending so much time reminding people of the competition.




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