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Is Vision dead in WandaVision?

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Three episodes in Marvel’s WandaVision and the question remains how Vision is alive considering his death in Avengers: Infinity War – or if he’s even real in the series. After all, the mystery that unfolds as to how and why Wanda Maximoff and Vision are in the suburb of the sitcom Westview has yet to be definitively resolved, although the third episode of the series offers the most clues to this. day on what is happening (no classic sitcom benchmark Did Vision really come back from the dead in WandaVision? Or is it as fake as a sitcom prop? Let’s examine the clues and theories surrounding the return of the Synthezoide.

The vision is an invention of Wanda’s imagination

This is the most likely scenario given the show’s ‘House of M’ style premise where Wanda Maximoff’s powers and mental stress cause her to distort reality. Now that we know for a fact that WandaVision takes place “just after the events of Endgame“We follow a Wanda who is still adjusting to losing the love of her life and coming back from the dead herself.” That would naturally be a lot for her to deal with, and especially as someone with little to no support network (her lover, twin brother, and parents are all dead, and most of her Avengers teammates have split up or are gone. dead).

An ongoing fan theory is that this “reality” TV sitcom is Wanda going through the stages of grieving, a way for her to create a happy existence where she lives a happy, “normal” life with the one she loves. Wanda’s distortion of reality / space / time would also explain the presence of SWORD as they try to get her out of there and not spoil reality anymore.

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In this scenario, Vision is just a figment of Wanda’s imagination, a mental projection that she can control as easily as rewinding a videotape – which we basically see her do when this problem occurs in episode 3. When Vision reveals to Wanda that something is wrong, the frame freezes and the scene rewinds for a few moments, then unfolds more happily this time, without any of Vision’s disturbing suspicions being raised. Before the glitch, Vision was about to serve as Wanda’s subconscious, trying to get her out of her warping reverie of reality.

But the theory that Vision is only the figment of Wanda’s imagination is not without flaws. In each episode, we’ve seen Vision alone (at the office, at the neighborhood reunion, or talking to his neighbors Herb and Agnes) where he interacts with other characters without Wanda. He appears to have his own agency in these scenes, especially when interacting with Agnes and Herb in Episode 3, which suggests he’s self-aware enough or real enough to think for himself and do her own choices and deductions – which might be why her brief moment of suspicion in Episode 3 is so crucial.

How is the vision alive?

Wanda’s powers are seemingly limitless right now. We’ve seen her create matter out of nothing during the show, like their wedding rings or during certain parts of their magical act, so what is stopping her from creating a fully functioning vision out of her own? memories? In this case, Vision would be essentially a psychically created facsimile, but a living, sentient being who really physically interacts with people.

If not, if he’s just a, well, a vision, then why show him going back and forth to get the doctor when Wanda gives birth? That would mean The Doctor is an invention as well, so why do the storytellers cut to show us when it will only challenge viewers to question the show’s own internal logic if it turns out that everyone except Wanda and “Geraldine” are imaginary?The end of episode 3 reveals that “Westview” is a real bodily place and that “Geraldine” is a real person. This suggests that everyone inside the city is real as well. The vision being truly alive, even though he’s just a product of Wanda’s powers, would make Agnes remark in the trailer that he’s dead – or at least he’s meant to be. be – all the more resonant, a suggestion that it might not really be the same vision the world saw fighting alongside the Avengers, but rather a “twin” or double of some sort.

If Vision is the product of Wanda’s ability to create matter out of thin air, that could explain why he apparently has no recollection of her past or knowledge of her life before they arrived as newlyweds in Westview. Wanda would have created him – programmed him, if you will – with only the knowledge she would want him to have, with the character traits that she would like to retain or increase in order to best achieve their happy sitcom life. together .

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This Vision having no knowledge of her or Wanda’s life prior to the events of Avengers: Endgame would be much easier for her to control, with no way for him to remind her of what she doesn’t want to remember. All she has to do is know that she is Wanda Maximoff, that she is from Sokovia, that she has superpowers and that she loves him. That’s why she doesn’t want him to probe too deeply why he feels like something is wrong and thus “rewinds” the scene. (And, if this is indeed an incomplete version of Vision, the MCU could possibly get inspired by comics and have Vision merges with Simon Williams, aka Wonder Manor another character.)

Another vision of the universe

There is another possibility of how Vision is seemingly alive in WandaVision. Rather than being the product of Wanda’s imagination or her powers, Vision could be real but is from an alternate universe instead of the MCU’s Earth-199999.

With SWORD on the housing, as they were at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, it stands to reason that they are investigating a threat on a cosmic scale. Whether that’s because Wanda somehow disturbed reality or the fabric of space / time remains to be seen. Are they there to help her or to manipulate her? We might know this answer as early as Episode 4.We know that WandaVision is tied to the plot of Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, with Wanda scheduled to appear in that movie. If her actions here opened up the proverbial Pandora’s Box of the multiverse, that would explain why she crosses paths with Doctor Strange in his sequel, perhaps as a superhero who could help him learn to control his expanding powers. .

If Wanda made it to the multiverse, there might be parallel universe versions of characters who exist in Wanda’s own universe – possibly even those who haven’t (yet) died in that reality. Like, say, Vision. And we know the door to such things happening in the MCU has already been opened with the next Loki series on Disney +.

If a grieving Wanda somehow encountered this other Vision, it is plausible that she would do anything – even distort reality itself – to live the happy life with him that has been her. Refused. Maybe she brought this alternate vision into our universe, some sort of cosmic transgression on Wanda’s part that could jeopardize existence itself. This would mean SWORD agents are dispatched to Westview to contact Wanda and (gently?) Get her out of there before anything goes wrong.A vision of another universe somehow upsetting the natural order of things and realizing the threat it poses – something Wanda tries to prevent her from learning by “rewinding the series” every time. he’s getting too close to the truth – suggests that he and Wanda may very well be denied their Hollywood ending again.

How do you think Vision came back for WandaVision? Let us know in the comments.

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