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James Brayshaw Sunil Gavaskar Sachin Tendulkar Channel 7 gaff

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Channel 7 presenter James Brayshaw mistook Sunil Gavaskar for Sachin Tendulkar in an embarrassing blunder on the air during the SCG test between Australia and India.

Brayshaw was trying to welcome a new team of commentators into the action but mixed up his Indian cricket legends in an awkward televised moment.

Gavaskar, the big hitter and former captain, is in Australia as one of 7’s expert commentators.

The legendary Tendulkar is certainly not.

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Here is how it went.

“Sachin Tendulkar, welcome, as well as Damien Fleming,” Brayshaw began, much to Fleming’s astonishment.

“Sachin Tendulkar is in the comments box?” Fleming asked.

“We were just talking about him (Tendulkar),” Brayshaw replied.

“The big man, the little master,” Fleming continued.

“My apologies Sunil, we were just talking…” Brayshaw said, trying to save face.

“I’m flattered, I’m flattered to be called Sachin Tendulkar,” Gavaskar said to ease the tension a bit.

“We were talking about him a second ago,” Brayshaw said again, but social media doesn’t often forgive.

Australia builds a big lead as they beat in their second set on day three.


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