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Kane Cornes blows up Collingwood Magpies approach to West Bulldogs’ Adam Treloar



Footy Great Kane Cornes blasted Collingwood’s friendly approach to Adam Treloar during the ex-Magpie’s first clash with his former club on Friday night.

Treloar faced the Magpies for the first time since being sensationalized from Collingwood during the trade season last year, turning into a strong game as the Western Bulldogs surged to a 16-point victory at the MCG.

And Cornes was in fierce opposition to an interaction between Treloar and young Collingwood midfielder Tyler Brown before the opening rebound, in which the Magpie hugged his former teammate, shook his hand and appeared to be having a jovial conversation with a smile.

Great footballer Kane Cornes disagreed with Collingwood’s friendly approach to Adam Treloar on Friday night. (New)

“As an opposition you want to make life difficult for your opponent against you,” Cornes told Wide World of Sports. Sunday Footy Show.

“That’s before the rebound with Brown just give him a hug (Treloar).

“I wanted to see some intimidation and some aggression from Collingwood to make his life uncomfortable, because we knew he was nervous about it.

“But that’s what you got… There was no physicality against Treloar.

“Not that he did anything wrong when he left Collingwood – don’t get me wrong.

“But as the opposition you want to make life difficult for the opposition. They made it easy.”

Footy reporter Damian Barrett hit Cornes with a counterargument.

“Has that state of mind completely disappeared from the game, however, Kane?” Barrett asked.

“Gone, Damian,” said Cornes. “The number of times I see players shaking hands before the game …”

Geelong’s tall Billy Brownless stepped in, siding with Horns: “Laugh, cuddle, kiss.”

Adam Treloar in Friday night’s clash between Collingwood and the Western Bulldogs. (Getty)

Sunday Footy Show Host Tony Jones then struck off at Cornes’ opinion.

“But what’s wrong with a handshake before the game?” Jones asked.

“It’s a tough and physical game, TJ,” replied Cornes.

Jones replied, “It’s still a sport, mate, it’s not war.”

Cornes went back in time to his football days, in which he racked up 300 games for Port Adelaide between 2001 and 2015.

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“Never has an opponent that I’ve played against come and say, ‘Hey buddy, I can’t wait for you to run and bore me today,'” said Cornes.

Jones then joked the tongue-in-cheek comment, “That says more about you as a dude, mate.”

The Bulldogs and the great Nathan Brown of Richmond sided with Cornes.

“I don’t think they should be hugging each other before the game,” Brown said.

“After the game it’s good and we saw how much they respected Adam Treloar, but before the game you have a job to do and I don’t think it hugs the opponent.”

Treloar had a brilliant first touch as a Bulldog, collecting the Sherrin 80 yards to go, taking two rebounds and hitting Aaron Naughton with a missile, which returned to place a six point.

Treloar finished the game with 18 possessions, 10 of which were contested.

Treloar’s perfect start as a Bulldog

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