Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Kena: Bridge Of Spirits locks on August release date

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Last year Ember Lab made the tough decision to delay its debut game, Kena: Bridge of Spirits, slated for release around the launch of the PlayStation 5 on a date sometime in 2021. At today’s State of Play event, the independent studio revealed when, exactly, players can finally experience the delicious action-adventure for themselves. What are your plans towards the end of August?

Specifically, Kena: Bridge of Spirits arrives on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC (via the Epic Games Store) on August 24. You get access to a pair of Silly Hats, whether you pre-order the Standard Digital Edition ($ 39.99) or the Deluxe Digital Edition ($ 49.99). The headgear gives you a chance to show off your party side by outfitting your fellow Rots with party hats or a head-mounted party cake – with Kena’s name on it.

What does the extra $ 10 get for you if you go for the Deluxe Edition over the Regular Edition? You receive a digital soundtrack, an exclusive cosmetic for golden rot and silver staff. You get both the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions, regardless of which Sony platform you originally ordered for, so you don’t have to worry if you haven’t taken the new step yet. generation.

The release date was accompanied by a new trailer from Sony’s State of Play, showing how Kena can tap into her innate spiritual abilities to help clean up a cursed land while also drawing on the abilities of her Rot friends. It also highlights some of the greatest combat encounters, including a glimpse of a massive bull foe.

“We are overwhelmed and grateful for the excitement surrounding Kena: Bridge of Spirits, and we look forward to sharing our game with everyone in August,” said Josh Grier, COO at Ember Lab. “We’re taking the next few months to fine-tune and optimize the best game possible. It was quite an experience to complete our first title during the pandemic. We’re excited to reveal the latest trailer and announce the launch date. “

For more on Kena: Bridge of Spirits, check out some of the exclusive features we wrote for our cover story a few months ago.


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