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KK Slider Song List & Application Guide – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Wiki Guide

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KK Slider is a traveling musician who has performed songs with his guitar in all versions of Animal Crossing; he is a special non-playable character who returns in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Unlike previous games, KK Slider will not automatically appear in your city in New Horizons. Instead, you will need to increase the popularity and rating of your island and help Tom nook with a variety of tasks to get his attention.

Once you have completed all Tom nookOn city requests and getting a 3 star city rating, KK Slider will start appearing in your city square every Saturday (or Friday if there is already an event scheduled for Saturday.

KK Slider will set up an area full of chairs for villager to sit and listen to him sing songs at random – but he won’t take requests for a specific song until 6 p.m. or after. During this time, a player can request to play a specific song, a song suited to a certain mood, or a random song.

Secret songs of KK Slider
There are three songs hidden in ACNH that you can only get if you ask KK for them. Drive, Animal city, and Farewell.
Make sure you ask for them someday!

If a song is specifically requested and is spelled correctly, KK Slider will give you a copy of the song to place on your record players. If the song is not spelled correctly, it will play a random song instead and apologize after it concludes, and you will have to wait a week before you can request a song again.

This is an interactive list: If you click or tap the songs below on your phone, you can keep track of which ones you have collected. We will save this data for you the next time you come back!

Below is a list of all popular songs that KK Slider has performed in New Horizons. Make sure to use the correct capitals and dots when requesting a song (there is no space between each K.!).


Secret songs of KK Slider

There are three secret KK Slider songs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. These are:

  • Drive
  • Animal city
  • Farewell


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