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Klay Thompson and savage Draymond Green Rodney McGruder Golden State Warriors defeat Detroit Pistons



The Golden State Warriors sent the Detroit Pistons up to 27 points on Sunday afternoon AEDT, but the biggest beat of the contest didn’t even come on the field.

After the Warriors’ 118-91 victory at the Chase Center, Pistons mate Rodney McGruder was embroiled in a heated trade with Juan Toscano-Anderson of Golden State.

What followed was sheer savagery on the part of Toscano-Anderson All-Star teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, with the three-time champions spectacularly ripping McGruder’s shreds after the game.

Thompson, who is still recovering from an Achilles injury, was patrolling the sidelines as a guest commentator for NBC when he realized McGruder was approaching his teammate.

Klay Thompson did nothing as guest commentator for NBC during Warriors-Pistons (AP) clash

“I don’t know, this guy might be out of the league soon, he’s probably mad at that,” he said when NBC commentator Bob Fitzgerald asked him what was going on.

“Who knows? He’s here trying to start something like he’s a good player. It’s like my brother comes out of here.”

However, that was nothing compared to what Green delivered at his post-game press conference, as he stayed true to his reputation as one of the fiercest talkers in the NBA.

“Apparently he was mistaking Wayne Ellington, when did the fucking Rodney McGruder become the badass on the team? I don’t know man, everyone in the league is tough these days, that’s crazy, ”he said.

Stephen Curry scored 28 points as the Warriors did the Pistons’ light work on Sunday afternoon (AP)

“I’ve seen a lot of tough guys this year, I don’t understand it and nobody’s doing anything. If you really wanted to do something you could have done it (instead of) walked over there talking about – C ‘ is like he’s the badass on the team. Get the hell out of here, you fucking tough Rodney McGruder.

“Plus I rock with Juan T. Juan T was about to tell him about his Town stuff. Plus, I think that’s something Juan said to Wayne Ellington in the first or second trimester. Do you have nothing better to do than think about something from the first or second trimester?

“Wayne Ellington had to go to the bench, I guess he went to tell Rodney McGruder because he hadn’t been in the game. Too many tough guys in the league for me, but I know nobody scared of nothing Rodney McGruder, are you kidding me? “

Thompson and Green’s comments did not go unnoticed by Toscano-Anderson and other NBA fans on social media.

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