Friday, March 31, 2023

Kohler’s smart home upgrades include a bath that creates ambiance

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Kohler is no stranger to smart bathroom technology, but it is clearly adapting its products to cope with a world hit by a pandemic. The company has introduced several new devices showcased by the Stillness Bath, a technologically enhanced tub inspired by swimming in the Japanese forest intended to serve as a refuge from a very stressful world. In addition to the water that fills from below and drains into a wooden ditch, there is a “full spectrum” mood lighting system, fog generation and an “experience tower”. emitting aromas. If you are not relaxed after this, you will probably need more than a bath to calm your mind.

Other additions are more familiar smart home devices. The Innate smart toilet is a “more affordable” alternative to past options which still has a bidet function, automatic opening and closing, a heated seat and a remote control. And since 2021, there has been a touchless residential bathroom faucet (pictured below) that helps you wash your hands without catching a potentially infected handle. You can purchase both a fully integrated faucet and an upgrade kit that uses a remote washer.


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