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Korg’s ARP 2600 M is a mini version of an iconic synth



Of course, this is not a 100% faithful recreation of the modular synthesizer from the 70s. Korg has expanded the feature set to make it work better in a modern music creation environment. On the one hand, all control voltages have been normalized to five volts instead of 10, which facilitates integration with other modular equipment and Eurorack equipment. It also has USB host capabilities, although it does not come with a separate keyboard module, you can connect any USB MIDI Controller you want and start playing directly. Korg also ditched the original XLR audio outputs and went with TS style jacks.

Unfortunately, it’s unclear when the 2600M will ship or how much it will cost. But I hope the price matches a diet similar to the rest of the synth, as the $ 3,900 ordered by the recent re-release was certainly too much for everyone except the most dedicated synth nerds.




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