Thursday, February 22, 2024

Kratos arrives in Fortnite as Epic reports more video game characters are coming

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All of these characters are exclusive to their respective platforms, but they have one thing in common. They are part of titles that have just been released (in the case of The Mandalorian) or to be released soon, such as the delay Infinite Halo (exclusive to Xbox Series X) and God of the war which is expected to hit the PS5 in 2021. To that end, they would help Sony and Microsoft promote these games and keep users excited about them.

All of this is good news for Fortnite players, as they basically play with a mix of characters from different universes, like in some old school DC / Marvel crossing. You can get the Kratos skin or pack now, and if you create matches from a PlayStation 5, you’ll also unlock the Armored Kratos Style bonus skin.


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