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Latest coronavirus: UK and US prisons overlooked in priority vaccine decisions, experts say

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British business leaders expressed his frustration Sunday that businesses still did not know the terms of trade with the EU on January 1, as retailers warned the public against store food. They also want financial support to help industries that have already been hit hard during the coronavirus pandemic.

American doctors could administer the first vaccine authorized against the coronavirus as early as Monday, after millions of Pfizer / BioNTech inoculation doses were shipped to hospitals during the weekend. Super cooled trucks and planes crossed the country on Sunday carrying the first doses to all 50 states.

Health experts urged British Prime Minister Boris Johnson at tighten restrictions in England where it is necessary “without delay” or risk that hospitals will be overwhelmed by a third wave of Covid-19 infections. NHS suppliers have urged the government to use “extreme caution” when moving an area to a lower level.

Financial regulators are putting the the final touch new recommendations allowing the strongest banks in Europe to restart dividend payments within strict limits, ending a nine-month hiatus imposed due to the coronavirus crisis. The European Central Bank’s supervisory board plans to announce the conditions on Tuesday.

Lando Norris of the UK drives a McLaren during the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix qualifying session at the Yas Marina circuit on Saturday

Mclaren will sell a participation in its Formula 1 motor racing activity in an alliance led by the sports investment group MSP Sports Capital, in an agreement that enhances the historical team to £ 560m. The MSP has said on its website that it expects to increase its stakes in sports businesses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

Anglo-Swedish pharmacist AstraZeneca has accepted to buy US biotech group Alexion in a $ 39 billion deal, marking the biggest deal a pharmaceutical company has made since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Cash and equity takeover will deepen AstraZeneca core focus on immunology.

Uruguayan software publisher GeneXus was given just a week at create an application who could give advice to patients worried about having coronavirus. The founder, Nicolás Jodal, found himself coordinating a team of around 150 people. “On Friday March 13, we had nothing, and on Friday March 20, we had the app delivered.”

Small Businesses in UK occupant railway arches owned by Blackstone and developer Telereal Trillium say they face potential ruin due to rent increases imposed by their owners. Tenants face rent increases of up to three times as income has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis.


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