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Latest Google Arts & Culture Exhibition Lets You Explore The History Of Electronic Music



If you are interested in electronic music, you owe it to yourself to check out the latest version from Google Arts and culture exposure. Music, makers and machines celebrates the history of the genre, highlighting the people, sounds and technologies that helped make electronic music what it is today. Google got help on the project from more than 50 international institutions, record companies and industry experts, including the Moogseum.

One of the highlights is an entire section devoted to the beginnings of Dubstep. You will find short segments written about artists like Burial and the development of the sub-genre complemented by photos and YouTube videos. You can even use Google Street View to explore the locations of long-closed but founding clubs like Plastic People. Another compelling exhibition explores the role black artists and musicians have played in pushing the boundaries of electronic music. That said, the highlight of the exhibition is a AR synth module which lets you play with five classical instruments, including the Roland CR-78 and the Akai S900. Speaking of synths, Google has uploaded 3D models of some of the .

You can browse music, makers, and machines online, as well as through the Google Arts & Culture app on Android and iOS.




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