Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Lenovo Japan President discusses how weird concepts hit the market

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We have previously established that the NEC LaVie Mini – that 8-inch laptop that doubles as a gaming machine – is a charming and eerie concept that stands out for its production. To learn more about the Mini, and to get a broader idea of ​​the factors and decision-making that go into transforming a concept from prototype to final product, Lenovo Japan President and Head of NEC PC David Bennett, joined us for a surprisingly candid conversation about our CES Stadium.

The full conversation is worth a look, but for the sake of transparency I have to spoil the suspense a bit. In a subsequent exchange, Bennett confirmed to me that – based on the response the Lavie Mini received – development within Lenovo / NEC has accelerated to the point where it looks like the machine will actually hit the market. . That’s not to say that he’ll ever manage to get out of his native Japan, but it’s still a big win for anyone who spent CES shooting for the little laptop that could.


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