Friday, March 31, 2023

LG Display’s transparent OLED puts a screen between you and the sushi chef

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According to his annual tradition, LG Display is preparing to present new display technology demos for CES 2021, with the most recent goal of showing where transparent OLED can fit into the pandemic era. The Korean company is putting together a few physical demos for its online showroom, the most interesting (to date) being a restaurant scene with a 55-inch transparent OLED display on the sushi bar. Diners can browse the menu or watch videos on the big screen, while watching chefs prepare dishes behind this futuristic hygienic partition thanks to its 40% transparency. In comparison, the clear LCD screen offers only 10% transparency, according to LG Display.

In another demo, the company will place the same 55-inch transparent OLED panel at the end of a “smart bed,” so the user can watch videos up close from the comfort of the bed, without the panel having to go. blocks the view of the rest of the room. On a similar note, the display unit has “Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO)” speakers built into the main body, so no external speakers are needed. With the click of a button, the transparent screen can partially or completely fold back into the main body, with the old mode still allowing it to display information such as time and weather. Since the unit is mounted on wheels, you can push it to other rooms as well and enjoy the same viewing benefits.


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