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List of objects – guide wiki Valheim

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Resources Food Last name Place / recipe Description Item appearance code Blood sausage
  • 2 thistle
  • 2 Blood bag
  • 4 barley flour
It is really tasty. BloodPudding Blueberries
  • Found in the bushes of the Black Forest
Tiny but tasty. Blueberries Bread A tasty loaf of bread. Bread Carrot An orange treat. Carrot carrot soup A hot and tasty soup composed mainly of carrots. Carrot soup Bay of clouds The gold of the forest. Cloudberry Cooked fish A tasty side of smoked fish. Cooked fish Cooked Lox Meat A good piece of tender meat, food worthy of Valhalla! CookedLoxMeat Cooked meat Roasted on the bone, worthy of a feast. Cooked meat Cooked Snake Meat A slice of cooked sea snake smells good. SnakeMeatCooked Fish wraps
  • 2 cooked fish
  • 4 barley flour
Bread and fish, what more could you want? Fishwraps Grilled neck tail This tasty charcoal-grilled meat gives off a slight aroma of seaweed and grass. Neck TailGrilled Darling Sweet and tasty. Darling Lox Meat Pie
  • 4 barley flour
  • 2 blackberries
  • 2 cooked lox meat
Break the crust to release a cloud of fragrant vapor. Delicious! LoxPie Mushroom
  • Found on the ground in meadows and the Black Forest
The bounty of the forest. Mushroom Queens jam
  • 8 raspberries
  • 8 blueberries
This tasty classic blend of raspberries and blueberries. Queensjam Raspberries
  • Found in the bushes in the meadows
Sweet and delicious. Raspberry Sausages
  • 2 entrails
  • 1 raw meat
  • 4 thistle
Bonds of salted and smoked meat. Sausages Snake Stew
  • 1 mushroom
  • 1 cooked snake meat
Smells of honey and snake. SerpentStew Turnip stew Nutritious and restorative. TurnipStew Yellow mushroom
  • Found in burial chambers, troll caves, and sunken crypts
An energetic and bright mushroom. MushroomYellow Meads and barley wine Last name Craft Recipe Description Item appearance code Tasty mead
  • Fermented mead base: tasty (x10 honey, x10 raspberries, x5 blueberries) for two days
The nectar of the gods, divine mead. MeadTasty Minor healing mead
  • Fermented mead base: minor care (x10 honey, x5 blueberries, x5 raspberries, x1 dandelion) for two days
Restores health. MeadHealthMinor Medium healing mead
  • Fermented mead base: medium healing (x10 honey, x4 Bloodbag, x10 raspberries, x1 dandelion) for two days
Restores health. MeadHealthMedium Minor Endurance Mead
  • Fermentation mead base: minor endurance (x10 honey, x10 raspberries, x10 yellow mushroom) for two days
Restores stamina. MeadStaminaMinor Medium endurance mead
  • Fermentation mead base: medium endurance (x10 honey, x10 blueberries, x10 yellow mushroom) for two days
Restores stamina. MeadStaminaMedium Poison Resistant Mead
  • Fermented mead base: resistance to poison (x10 honey, x5 thistle, x1 neck tail, x10 charcoal) for two days
Strengthens you against poison. MeadPoisonResist Frost resistant mead
  • Fermentation mead base: frost resistance (x10 honey, x5 thistle, x2 blood bag, x1 gray dwarf eye) for two days
Protects from the cold. MeadFrostResist Barley wine fire resistant
  • Ferment Barley wine base: fire resistance (x10 barley, x10 blackberries from snags) for two days
Strengthens you against fire. BarleyWine Ores, refined metals and scrap Last name Craft Recipe Description Item appearance code Black metal
  • Melt leftover black metal in a blast furnace
A heavy bar of dark metal. Black metal Black metal scraps
  • Dropped by Fuling, Fuling Berserker, Fuling Shaman
A twisted piece of dark metal. BlackMetalScrap Bronze A solid alloy of copper and tin. Bronze Bronze nails Used in the construction of ships and furniture. BronzeNails The copper A pure copper bar ready to be worked. The copper Copper ore
  • Extracted from the copper deposit
Unrefined copper. Must be refined in a foundry. Copper ore Flametal
  • Smelting flame ore in a blast furnace
The pure, shimmering core of a meteorite. Flametal Flame Ore
  • Mined from piles of glowing metal
Warm to the touch with shiny streaks of strange metal. Must be refined in a foundry. FlametalOre The iron A bar of pure iron ready to be worked. The iron Iron nails Needed for advanced construction projects. Iron nails Iron-ore Can only be generated using a spawn code. Unrefined iron. Must be refined in a foundry. Iron-ore Obsidian Dark volcanic glass. Obsidian Scrap
  • Muddy scrap heap extract
  • Found in the chests of Sunken Crypts
It is old and rusty but can be used and remelted. Scrap Silver A pure silver ingot ready to be worked. Silver Silver ore
  • Extracted from silver deposits in the mountains
Unrefined silver. Must be refined in a foundry. Silver ore Believe A pure pewter bar ready to be worked. Believe Tin ore
  • Extracted from tin deposits near the rivers of the Black Forest
Unrefined pewter. Must be refined in a foundry. Tin ore Various materials Last name Craft Recipe Description Item appearance code Old bark
  • Harvested ancient trees in the swamp
An old and robust material. ElderBark Ancient seed
  • Dropped by Greydwarf Brute and Greydwarf Shaman
  • Can be found randomly in chests
Held against your ear, you hear a little whisper inside … AncientSeed Bone fragments
  • Left by the skeletons
  • Found in burial chambers and the Black Forest
A pile of broken bones. OsFragments Chain
  • Stripped by specters
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
An iron chain link. Chain Chitin
  • Acquired by mining Abyssal barnacles in the ocean
A burst of crustacean shell. Chitin Coal
  • Created by overcooking meat
  • Made in a charcoal oven using wood
  • Dropped by Surtlings
A piece of coal. Coal Crystal
  • Dropped by Stone Golems in the Mountains
A shard of crystal from the depths of the earth. Crystal Deer skin
  • Left by the deer
  • Found in chests
A cleansed skin of a deer. Deer skin Dragon tear The last frozen tears of a dragon, pulsing with mysterious energy. DragonTear Bowels A slimy length of the inside of something. Bowels Feathers
  • Left by the seagulls
  • Found in Meadows and Black Forest chests
  • Rare drop after cutting down trees
A small pile of feathers. Feathers Flint
  • Found along the river and shore in the meadows
Can be shaped into sharp blades. Flint Gel gland This mysterious organ keeps a perfect temperature. FreezeGland Fuling Totem
  • Found in the villages of Fuling
  • Dropped by Fuling Berserker
Channel the ancient power of Yagluth. N / A Gray dwarf eye
  • Dropped by Greyling, Greydwarf, Greydwarf Brute, and Greydwarf Shaman.
Milky eyeball of a gray dwarf. GreydwarfEye See
  • Found in backpacks in the swamp
It smells like fermented fish. See Hardwood A very hard piece of wood. HardAntler Leather scraps
  • Left by the boar
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
  • Found in the chests of the meadows
A small pile of pieces of leather. Leather scraps Linen thread A fine linen thread made from a strong linen filament. Household linen Lox skin Thick fur of thick, moldy fur. LoxPelt Needle The pointed end of a Deathsquito. Needle Ooze
  • Dropped by Blob and Oozer
Rotten and putrid smell. Why do you want this? Ooze Resin Sticky tree resin that insulates well. If ignited, it burns slowly and steadily. Resin Snake scale The shiny metal-shaped scale of a sea serpent. SerpentScale Calculation
  • Found all over the ground
  • Rock extract
It is a rock. Calculation Surtling Core
  • Dropped by Surtlings
  • Found in burial chambers
It throbs with inner heat. SurtlingCore Thistle
  • Found in the Black Forest and the swamp
Beautiful but spicy. Thistle Troll skin
  • Left by the trolls
  • Found in chests in the Black Forest
Thick and robust skin. This is why trolls are so hard to kill. TrollHide Wolf fang Always lively. Wolffang Wolf skin Shaggy fur skin. WolfPelt Withered bone
  • Found in muddy scrap piles
  • Found in Sunken Crypts
A giant bone, knotted like old wood. Withered bone Ymir’s Flesh
  • Purchased from Haldor for 120 coins
The earthy remains of the giant Ymir. YmirRemains


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