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Long-overdue Super Meat Boy Forever Comes to PC December 23

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As other games with “Forever” in the name, Super Meat Boy Forever has been developing in purgatory – we need to try it first in 2014, and even a Delay 2019 was extremely optimistic. He’s finally almost arrived. Team Meat has confirmed that its extra-difficult platform game will be available on Windows PCs via Epic Games Store December 23. There is no mention of release dates for other platforms, although it’s more a question of “when” than “if”.

The extensive development came in part from a shift in focus. Forever was originally meant to be a never-ending platformer game, but was reworked into an honest sequel to Goodness in 2017. The game’s basic plot and mechanics have been familiar ever since. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have embarked on a quest to save their child Nugget from the clutches of Dr. Fetus, and you will have to navigate a “brutal” world full of saws, salt and other dangers hostile to meat.


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