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Lunaz turns ‘classic’ Range Rovers into electric vehicles

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Electric cars are undeniably the way of the future, but a company called Lunaz has been bring this technology to older classic vehicles such as the Jaguar XK120 and the Rolls-Royce Phantom V. Beginning today, the company is expanding its lineup to include Range Rovers from the 1970-1994 period, what Lunaz calls the “classic era” of car design. Range Rover.

The first series of 50 vehicles will be available in two different specifications: “city” and “countryside”. As the name suggests, the “city” specification is more suited to standard city and highway driving, with an emphasis on passenger comfort. The “country” specification, on the other hand, aims to bring modern engineering to these classic cars in an off-road setting. That means they’ll include “a 4-wheel drive system, updated suspension including anti-roll bars and beefed up brakes.” Lunaz emphasizes that these are all custom constructions for their clients, with fully individualized interiors and exteriors. The company has even already planned a totally roofless “safari” edition, an ode to a Range Rover as first seen in the 1983 James Bond film. Octopussy.


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