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Maiden Demo walkthrough – Resident Evil 8 Village wiki guide

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How to escape the dungeon

Video Step-by-step procedure

You will start the demo in a dimly lit dungeon cell. A locked door stands in front of you, and the only other things in the room are a low bench with rotten food, a barrel, and a toilet.

Turn around to face the locked cell door and you may spot a missing brick in the wall with a crumpled note left behind. Pick it up Waste paper and open your inventory (triangle) to review and read the two pages of notes. You will have a rough idea of ​​an escape plan, but there is still a lot to figure out.

With the cell door locked, crouch down instead and look under the bench to find a small passage you can crawl under into the next cell. It’s as bare as the previous cell, but luckily the door is unlocked.

As you leave the cell, you’ll find yourself in a long dark hallway lined with more cells and a pile of debris to your left. If you want, you can check the cell opposite to the one you escaped to find it lined with shelves, a spooky portrait, and a note on livestock medicine. There certainly don’t seem to be many animals here …


Shortly after, you can spot several objects hanging in bags. The cell on the left offers no use, and the cell on the right is locked with chains – preventing entry.

Keep moving forward and notice the next cell on the right has a dead woman next to a table full of torture devices. In the corner, scrawled with blood, are the words “help me brother”. On the left, what remains of a man hangs in another padlocked cell.

When you reach the end of the hall you will find a sealed wooden door with a post next to it which is locked and requires some sort of key. Inspect it and you will hear some commotion coming from the end of the hall.

Carefully walk down the dark hallway and look around the room with the dead woman to find her slumped with something sticking out of her back. Inspect the body and collect it bolt cutter, an item that can be used to open certain locked cells.

For a ghoulish view you can open the opposite cell using the bolt cutters to inspect the hanged man, if not, head down the hall to find the only other door locked with a chain you can open using of these bolt cutters (watch out for falling objects!).

This room houses many other torture devices – plus a bucket filled with blood. The piece of paper in your cell said it had found a key soaked in blood, so put your hand up to reveal a Lockpick – the tool you need to escape this place.

Another commotion will sound when you leave the cell – which means it’s time to get out of here. Head back down the hallway (has the dead woman’s body just moved again?) And dodge the hits on the left walls until you reach the box which you can now unlock to find a lever and open the door to the next room.

The room is a little spooky, but luckily well lit. Move through and down the narrow hallway, past a wine cellar filled with oddly leaking (and bumping) barrels into a larger room.

The note you found mentions that the door will not help you achieve freedom, but a source of light will. Knowing this, go around the table in that room (check the food and the record player if you like) on the other side of the circular room.

Crouch down here, and look among the wall cabinets for a beam of light coming out, and open it to find a new tunnel leading.

This room is short and ends in a white wall – but there must be more in the wine cellar than it looks. Crouch down again and look to the right of the dead end to find a candle-lit crawl space where a bloody brick protrudes from the wall. Press it, and the secret door will be revealed, taking you from the dungeon via a ladder into the castle itself.

Be sure to take a look at a note on the left just past the door for the diary of a servant whose time in the castle probably didn’t end in the best possible way.

How to escape the castle

After passing through the remaining caves and climbing the ladder dripping with blood from a dead crow, you will find a hole in the wall leading to an ornate and stately room.

Inspect the place at your leisure and note the odd appearance Necklace on the little table in the middle of the room, why not take it?

Leaving the beautiful room, head down a hallway leading to a door supported by two statues – but it is locked. Instead, you’ll want to turn your attention to another room leading to a door that’s slightly ajar – one that a very tall figure passes by as you approach …

However, as you walk through the door you won’t find anyone around, and a large two-story entrance hall with several balconies, you can see the room below. There’s even a trail of blood leading to the back door, downstairs.

As you move upstairs, notice the spooky door with an even more spooky face – one that’s missing an eye. You can examine her, but you are missing the element to complete her face.

There isn’t much else to note on the upper floor, so go down the stairs to the room below. What appears to be the front door is normally locked, as is another door nearby. Move around the room and be sure to check the fireplace full of burning clothes, and a note on a distant table about the “candidates.” Then follow the blood trail to a new room.

This tiny dining room offers the cruelest glimpse from the outside, but you still have to find a way out. The far door needs a specific key, so for now, look around and inspect the room. There are many bottles of “Regina Rosie” wine, and across the table, near the fireplace, you can see a goblet tinted with red. Tilt the goblet as you inspect it to look inside, and you’ll find a Brown eye ring.

Inspect this brown eye ring in your inventory to look directly at the eye, and examine it to detach it and claim the Brown eye – just the sort of thing a certain creepy door face upstairs lacks.

As you leave the dining room, you might spot a dark figure walking up the stairs – straight towards the door you need to enter, of course.

By the time you go up the stairs, the figure will be gone, and you can insert the Maroon Eye into the face to unlock the spooky door to a new room.

You’ll find yourself in a well-lit wine cellar, so start looking for whatever you can use. On the other side of the room, you can consult a table space for an excerpt on the vinification carried out in this strange castle.

Look to the right of the note of the cabinets near the floor and open them to find the Key to the yard. It’s time to get out of here …

As you begin to descend the stairs, a sinister voice will begin to sound – someone has been watching you. It won’t be long before a wave of insects float between you and the Gate of Freedom and a woman materializes to attack you. She’ll take a piece of it from your neck, but you’re not dead yet! Walk past her in the dining room before she can finish the job, or you’ll have to replay the castle section!

Walk through the dining room and quickly use the courtyard key on the far door to make your offer of freedom – until you meet Lady Dimitrescu. This will mark the end for you – and for the Maiden Demo. Congratulations!


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