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Maine’s first commercial biofuel booster rocket launches



The company hopes the launch will both attract investors and help pave the way for bigger and more ambitious rockets. Stardust 2.0 (expected later in 2021) will test higher speeds and longer flight times, while Starless Rogue is designed as an operational rocket that would carry suborbital payloads. Ultimately, BluShift hopes to launch a Red Dwarf vehicle that will carry payloads under 66 lbs into low earth orbit.

Like Rocket Lab and SpaceX Carpool ProgramBluShift hopes to reduce start-up costs and make them accessible to a wider range of businesses and researchers. The difference, of course, is the fuel – he hopes its carbon-neutral, non-toxic propellant will appeal to customers who want to minimize their impact on the planet. The challenge is to convince potential customers that it is worth trying BluShift against more established competitors, especially if they aren’t particularly concerned about their environmental footprint.




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