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Man from Pelosi’s Office Held in Prison as Capitol Riot Arrests Continue | Donald Trump News

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the man photographed Placing her feet on the desk of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the occupation of the Capitol was ordered to remain behind bars as proceedings regarding her trial continue.

U.S. District Court Chief Justice Beryl Howell has ordered Richard Barnett to be held without bail until trial.

“His legitimate behavior which he exhibited in videos and photographs inside the Capitol shows complete disregard for the law, utter disregard for the US Constitution,” Howell said at a hearing Thursday on an appeal to a lower court ruling that Barnett is lagging behind. the bars.

“He not only entered the Capitol without permission, but he strutted into the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” said Howell, who said Politico as “brimming with anger” at the insurgency of the Capitol.

“He felt so upright, he put his feet on the desk. He felt so entitled, he picked up his mail and left with a mail.

This undated photo provided by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office shows Richard Barnett, a resident of Arkansas, who was arrested on Friday, Jan.8, 2021, after being indicted by federal prosecutors for storming the Capitol American. [File: Washington County Sheriff’s Office via AP Photo]

Barnett, from Arkansas, previously told local news he “threw my feet on the desk” after entering Pelosi’s office, where he noticed he was bleeding. This caused him to take “the envelope and put it in my pocket, and I put a quarter on the desk because (sic) I am not a thief “.

The riot occurred during a joint session of Congress convened to certify the electoral victory of President Joe Biden after months where former President Donald Trump and his allies repeated unfounded claims that the election had been stolen.

California gym owner previously known to violate COVID-19 restrictions has been arrested and charged over his alleged role in the Jan.6 insurgency on Capitol Hill and charged with commenting on occupation plans land from December.

Jacob Lewis, 37, faces charges of knowingly entering or staying in a building or restricted land without legal permission and violent entry and disorderly conduct on the Capitol grounds, according to a federal complaint released Wednesday.

The complaint includes an affidavit from a redacted FBI agent. He notes that Lewis wore a bright red “Trump” hat when storming the Capitol, which aided in his identification.

Five people died as a result of the riot, including a police officer from the Capitol.

The affidavit says authorities received advice from a friend of Lewis that he had flown to Washington, DC, from Victorville, Calif., Prior to the rally.

Lewis had already drawn attention when he opened The Gym HD in Victorville on May 1, despite orders to keep businesses and gyms nearby to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The affidavit appears to suggest that the rioters intended to occupy the seat of the US government as early as December.

“This person said that during a conversation in December 2020, [Lewis] told them to “look at what will happen to the Capitol on the 6th. This person said that [Lewis] had shown them pictures of guns and had previously asked them if they could [Lewis] ammunition, ”the document says.

According to the affidavit, Lewis “stated that he was never told he could not enter and that he was ‘escorted’ by police into the building” and that he “did not participate in any violence while he was in the building and believed that some of the people involved in the commotion were Antifa members in disguise.

Antifa, short for Anti-Fascist, is a group of far left activists who often use violence in confrontations with the far right. The allegations that they were responsible for the violence are baseless.

Law enforcement has come under fire for inaction on plans to occupy the Capitol, much of which was done on publicly accessible online forums.

Acting Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman excuse Tuesday for “failures” during the riot, including a lack of personnel and supplies, lax enforcement of a lockout issued during the insurgency and the lack of an adequate communications plan.

Acting FBI chief Steven D’Antuono told reporters at a press conference that the FBI warned local law enforcement agencies of the risks when asked about the matter a week after the riot.

Supporters of US President Donald Trump gather at the West Entrance of the Capitol during a ‘Stop the Steal’ protest outside the Capitol Building in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021 [File: Stephanie Keith/Reuters]

About 100 people have been arrested and face federal charges, according to the Department of Justice website. Others should follow.

The US Department of Homeland Security, like home departments in other countries, warned of “domestic extremist violence” in the coming months in a bulletin released Wednesday.


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