Thursday, March 30, 2023

Man sues police over wrongful arrest over facial recognition

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State agencies with access to facial recognition systems analyzed the license photo and found an apparent match in Parks’ state ID card. Parks, who said he had never even driven a car or been to Woodbridge, was able to prove he was sending money to a pharmacy more than 30 miles away at the time of the incident. Her case was dismissed in November of last year after spending more than $ 5,000 to defend herself.

Parks has been convicted twice on drug charges and could have faced a long sentence for a third felony. He is suing for false arrest, false imprisonment and violation of his civil rights.

This is the third known case of a fake facial recognition match leading to wrongful arrest in the United States. The three people at the heart of these cases are all black men. The other two incidents both happened in the Detroit area, indicating that this is not a localized problem. One of these men, Michael oliver, at sued the city of Detroit and the detective in his case.

“Many people have now come forward for being wrongly arrested because of this flawed and privacy-invasive surveillance technology,” Nathan Freed Wessler, senior counsel for the Speech, Privacy, and Technology project at the UK, told Engadget. American Civil Liberty Union. “There are probably a lot more interrogations, arrests and maybe even wrongful convictions because of this technology that we still don’t know about. Unsurprisingly, the three bogus arrests we know of involve black men, further demonstrating how this technology disproportionately harms the black community. The use of facial recognition technology by law enforcement agencies must stop immediately. “

It is not known what facial recognition system was used to falsely identify Parks as the perpetrator. Clearview AI founder Hoan Ton-That told the New York Times that the agencies involved in analyzing the photo were not using his business controversial software at the time.

In January, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal orderly police in the state to stop using the Clearview AI application. Other jurisdictions have use prohibited by police Clearview AI software or facial recognition in general.


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