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Marvel’s Avengers Hawkeye patch adds campaign replay

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When Marvel’s Avengers launched, we praised the campaign, which delivered fun stages connecting an enthralling tale, but with dull and repetitive post-game content, it’s disappointing not being able to replay the campaign. Fortunately, developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed that patch 1.5, which also introduces Hawkeye and coincides with the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, will finally give gamers this ability.

The announcement took place during today’s Developer Stream, where Crystal Dynamics Community Manager / Social Media Manager Andy Wong and Creator / Writer Hannah MacLeod performed parts of the Reassemble campaign. To kick off the stream, Wong showcased a large graphic (which you can see below), which includes all of the major updates coming in patch 1.5 on March 18. “It’s something we’ve seen time and time again on Twitter and social media and everything: ‘Can we replay the campaign? Can we replay the campaign? “” Wong said on the stream. “You can on the 18th! You’ll keep everything you’ve got. You keep XP, your gear and everything, but you can replay the campaign from start to finish.”

To access the campaign replay, navigate to the Operations Database from the menu, select ‘Part 1: Reassemble’, then hold Square or X depending on which platform you are on to reset the progress of your campaign. The game gives you a warning message stating that all of your progress will be forfeited and if you haven’t completed the campaign it may affect your overall experience. It also states that mission progress without reassembly will not reset and that all hero character progress and inventory items are unaffected by movement.

As you can see in the image above, patch 1.5 is a big patch. It not only includes the new playable hero Hawkeye with his Operation: Future Imperfect storyline, as well as his Wasteland biome and villainous Maestro, but also the replay of the aforementioned campaign and the Customization of the HARM room. Additionally, March 18 marks the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S version of Marvel’s Avengers, which offers a free upgrade for existing owners, better graphics with 4K resolution to 60 frames per performance. second, faster load times and save transfer.

For more on Hawkeye and his history, be sure to check out his rundown of his abilities and the tale surrounding his operation. here. Marvel’s Avengers Patch 1.5, along with the next-gen version of the game, is available March 18.

[Source: Crystal Dynamics on Twitch]


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